NRL Betting Guide

Rugby is a very popular sport in Australia and gets plenty of television coverage. The National Rugby League is one of the most recognised rugby leagues in the world and now more and more bookmakers are offering NRL betting. Some of the most popular players in the world are part of the league and this makes it one of the fiercest competitions around.

As such, the number of Australian bookmakers that advertise and emphasise their NRL betting options is always on the increase. In this NRL betting guide, we will go through the best betting sites in Australia to place your bets on the NRL, with competitive odds and the generous offers. We’ll also give you hints and tips on how to successfully bet on the NRL, so you have the biggest chance of getting a win from your wager.

The Best Bookmaker for NRL Betting 2021

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One of the worlds Most Popular betting sites

Many of the best bookmakers in Australia are battling it out for the title of best bookmaker for the NRL. However, one that stands out above its competition is SportsBet. com au.

SportsBet com au

SportsBet is front of the queue when it comes to offering competitive NRL betting odds, great value deals and money-back offers especially when it comes to the NRL finals. It has a shed load of markets, including prop bets, line bets, specials and NRL player options as well as a very organised and attractive website, helpful stats and tips, with great customer service. What’s more, it is a great all-round site for plenty of other sports and is completely licensed and regulated in Australia. This bookie also comes with a mobile app.

sportsbet banner

Tab AU

Another bookmaker that is an excellent all-round site for NRL betting is TAB Au. This well known and well-respected sports betting sites is famous for the sheer volume of sports and markets it offers, helpful betting tips as well as the competitive odds available. Also, you can look out for offers such as bonus and free bets for specific Rugby League games, including the finals and Grand Final. It is fully licensed to play in Australia and New Zealand and is a safe and secure site.

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Blue Bet

Third on our list is Blue Bet, a site that excels in a number of the most popular sports in Australia and New Zealand – and the NRL is no different. When it comes to competitive odds, this website is on par with the best out there. It is also well known for great bonuses and offers for major sporting events. It is also linked to gambling help sites in Australia.

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How We Choose the Best NRL Betting Site

There are plenty of excellent NRL betting sites in Australia and New Zealand, so how do we pick which are the ones that excel in NRL betting? Well, there are certain factors we take into consideration. When it comes to bookmakers, not all are equal when it comes to betting on the Rugby League. Here’s what makes the best stand out from the rest…

  • . The amount of markets available. Specialist NRL betting sites offer options such as Clive Churchill Medal, Dally M Medal, Rising Star, State of Origin, NRL Finals and Grand Final.
  • . The sites that have the most regular, all-round and most updated home and away odds in Australia.
  • . Any sites that offer helpful stats and tips to help new players choose a successful punt.
  • . NRL sites that take all different factors into account when deciding their prices, such as derbies, form, the importance of the game etc.
  • . Live streaming sites. NRL games aren’t always free to watch and subscribing to the game can be expensive, so we recommend bookies that offer live streaming so that you can enjoy any game that you have bet on.


Popular NRL Betting Options and Markets

When you place your bet on the premiership, there are many options available, not just betting on the winner or losers. You can also bet on the following markets:

  • Line Bets: This is similar to handicap bets. If there is an underdog, it will give Team A or Team B a certain amount of points head start. The ‘line’ is where both Team A and Team B meet with equal prices. You will find plenty of line bet options at the newer bookies.
  • Margin Bets: This is where you place a bet on how many points the NRL teams will win by. The margin of difference between the two teams at the end of the game. So, you could bet on the Melbourne Storm to beat the Gold Coast Titans by 10+ points. To win the bet, Melbourne Storm would need to win by 11 or more points.
  • Will the Game go into Extra Time? This is a pretty straightforward bet. It’s a simple 50/50 option. Will the premiership teams reach full time with equal points and will they need extra time when the 80 minutes are done? This is a special NRL bet, suitable for those who want a straightforward bet to gamble on.
  • First Try Scorer: This is where you can start to put wagers on certain premiership players as well as NRL teams. Simply use any information you have to make an educated guess as to who will be the first try scorer. This type of bet needs a lot of research.
  • Head to Head: This is the most common of sports wagers. Simply pick whether you think team a or team b will be the winner when the game comes to an end.


NRL Specials:

The most popular specials markets in the sports are:

  • NRL Top 4 bets: At the start of the season, bet on which team you think will make it into the top 4 on the NRL table
  • NRL Top 8 bets: As above, but you place your bet on a team that you think will make it into the top 8 on the NRL table.


The Best NRL Betting Odds for 2021

When making choices about which betting sites to choose, one of the main factors in choosing the bookmaker that offers the best value betting in the country. Looking at most bookies, Penrith Panthers look set to be the hot favourite next season, followed by Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm. Melbourne Storm made it to the Grand Finals in 2020, so will be looking for the win this year. Meanwhile, down at the other end, bookies think that the teams least likely to win the league are Canterbury Bulldogs, St George Illawarra Dragons, Brisbane Broncos and the New Zealand Warriors.

Currently, the most competitive prices for the NRL 2021 season title come from SportsBet com au and are as follows:

Penrith Panthers Best odds 5.00 at SportsBet

Sydney Roosters Best odds 6.00 at SportsBet

South Sydney Rabbitohs Best odds 6.50 at SportsBet

Melbourne Storm Best odds 6.50 at SportsBet

Canberra Raiders Best odds 10.00 at SportsBet

Parramatta Eels Best odds 13.00 at SportsBet

Manly Sea Eagles Best odds 15.00 at SportsBet

Newcastle Knights Best odds 17.00 at SportsBet

Gold Coast Titans Best odds 17.00 at SportsBet

North Queensland Cowboys Best odds 21.00 at SportsBet

Wests Tigers Best odds 26.oo at SportsBet

Cronulla Sharks Best odds 26.00 at SportsBet

New Zealand Warriors Best odds 31.00 at SportsBet

St George Illawarra Dragons Best odds 41.00 at SportsBet

Brisbane Broncos Best odds 41.00 at SportsBet

Canterbury Bulldogs Best odds 67.00 at SportsBet

How to Bet on the National Rugby League

Once you have picked your NRL bookmaker, you need to know how to make a successful bet on the sport. Often, punters will have their favourite team, pick sides based on that, and make their bet. However, NRL betting needs to be done with the head rather than the heart.

This means you need to do all your research and find out as much information as you can. Read through all of the team statistics, see which team is on a winning streak. Look at a team’s previous showdown and see who came out victorious. Look to see which team is strong on attack or weak on defence. Which of the NRL teams has players out injured, as this will affect which players the team will field. Also, find out the state of the pitch, as this can affect the amount of points a team can score.

There are other things to look out for when making your NRL bet. Often, people new to gambling on the NRL will seek out professional tips and a preview of what could happen – and this can help them get started. Tipsters can often help predict what will happen, approximately how many points a team will score. They could also give you a list of potential main scorers in the team. The tips aren’t always correct, as anything could happen in a game. Each player will have different form and it can be unpredictable but getting tips can help support new punters.

NRL Betting Strategies

If you want to try out NRL betting strategies alongside getting helpful tips, then this will help you maximise your winning potential, no matter how simple your strategy is. Once you have found the tips you want to run with, simply look for the bookie with the best value. This means registering on more than one NRL bookmaker, so you have more options. The more you register with, the more chance of getting good value. If you get the best value ‘total’ or ‘line’ for an NRL game, then you will always ensure to add more to your betting bankroll.


NRL – What it’s All About?

Most people in Australia know at least something about the NRL, whether it’s their local state team, the winner of last season finals or the name of the top players in the premiership.

However, the biggest rugby league in Australia currently has 16 premiership teams. Throughout the different seasons, teams come and go, but as of 2018, the NRL is home to 16 teams from all regions of Australia. Currently, there’s one from the ACT, one from Victoria, one from New Zealand, three from Queensland and ten from New South Wales.

The 2021 Season NRL Teams

Brisbane Broncos Suncorp Stadium, Queensland Est 1988

Canberra Raiders GIO Stadium, ACT Est 1981

Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Belmore Oval, ANZ Stadium, NSW Est 1934

Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Jubilee Stadium, New South Wales Est 1967

Gold Coast Titans Cbus Super Stadium, Queensland Est 2007

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Lottoland, New South Wales Est 1947

Melbourne Storm AAMI Park, Victoria Est 1997

Newcastle Knights McDonald Jones Stadium, NSW Est 1988

New Zealand Warriors MT Smart Stadium, Auckland, NZ Est 1995

North Queensland Cowboys 1300SMILES Stadium, Queensland Est 1992

Parramatta Eels ANZ Stadium, New South Wales Est 1947

Penrith Panthers Panthers Stadium New South Wales Est 1967

St George Illawarra Dragons Jubilee Oval WIN Stadium, NSW Est 1998

South Sydney Rabbitohs ANZ Stadium, New South Wales Est 1908

Sydney Roosters Sydney Cricket Ground, NSW Est 1908

Wests Tigers Campbelltown Stadium, NSW Est 1999


The NRL season usually starts in the week of 13th to 20th March every year. The whole season sees each Premiership NRL team play 24 games per season, which is spread over 26 rounds in total. (This usually consists of 2 bye rounds during the State of Origin period, which is six weeks). The season then ends around the end of August.

Following this, in September, the NRL sides that took the top 8 positions on the table will go on to play in the NRL finals. This then decides which two of these NRL sides will play in the NRL Grand Final. Generally, this takes place on either the first Sunday in October or the last Sunday in September.



Which are the most popular bet types for NRL?

Luckily, you can bet on more than just the winning and losing team in the NRL. Now you have the option of line betting, margin score betting and specials. Getting more popular now is betting on the player market. You could bet on the player who is top scorer, the player who is the man of the match and more. This is great for bettors who know all about the NRL in more depth.

What NRL events can you place your bet on?

Aside from the main season games, you can also bet on other matches throughout the year. Popular events for betting include the Clive Churchill Medal, The NRL Finals and the NRL Grand Final.

Which is the most successful NRL team in New South Wales?

Currently, ten out of the sixteen sides in the NRL come from New South Wales, so if you come from that region, especially Sydney, you are well represented. Currently, the biggest favourites for the new season come from New South Wales, and this is the Penrith Panthers. Most punters will look to wager money on this team. An NSW NRL team that is also one to look out for when placing your wager this year is the Sydney Roosters. The Sydney Roosters are closing the gap with the Panthers and could cause an upset. Just behind the Roosters, is another NSW side, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, who could certainly hit the higher places in the table this season. Down at the other end, we have Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, who bookies give no chance.

Who will win the 2021 NRL Season?

Currently, this could be one of a few sides. The favourites going into the season start are the Penrith Panthers. However, the Roosters also have a good chance. Just behind the Sydney Roosters come the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Melbourne Storm. However, Canberra Raiders could pull out a surprise, as this is one of those sports where anything could happen. Clever money would be going on the Panthers, Sydney Roosters, Sydney Rabbitohs and Melbourne Storm to at least get in the top eight spots.

Which Team has won the most Dally M Medals?

Currently, the most successful Dally M Medal teams are Melbourne Storm, North Queensland Cowboys and Parramatta Eels have each won it a record 5 times.

Which NRL has won the most NRL titles overall?

By far and away, this record goes to the South Sydney Rabbitohs team. A long way ahead of the rest, they have won an impressive record of 21 titles, so they can’t be counted out this year. However, no NRL side has managed a three-peat since the Parramatta Eels in 1983.

Which is the best betting site for NRL Betting?

There are several great betting sites that offer not only excellent NRL betting options but also tips and previews as well. The best sites also offer punters the chance to live stream the game, offer excellent customer service, lots of bet types and are safe and regulated. As such, we find SportsBet, TAB Au and Blue Bet excellent for NRL betting.