Cricket Betting Guide

Summertime in Australia wouldn’t be the same without cricket. Cricket comes in all shapes and sizes, quick Twenty20 cricket matches or longer ODIs, test cricket and tournaments. One thing that takes the excitement to the next level, is adding the excitement of placing a bet on the sport. So, we have the ultimate guide to cricket betting. There are a huge number of impressive cricket betting sites available in Australia now, offering you the chance to bet on Big Bash games and Internationals such as The Cricket World Cup.

Because there are so many options available, it can get a little confusing, but that’s where we step in. We offer you a guide to cricket betting, giving you a list of all the best cricket betting sites in Australia that offer the best betting odds and best deals and promotions. What’s more, any cricket betting site we recommend has been fully tested and reviewed so you can be sure that they follow the gambling laws and regulations in Australia.

The Best Cricket Betting Sites

So, who offers the best variety and value when it comes to betting on cricket? Here are the sites who we believe offer the best overall experience.

Unibet Review & Promotions

Up to 50% Profit Boost

SportsBet Review & Promotions

Watch Live Racing

Ladbrokes Review & Promotions

Choose Your Own Betting Odds

Bet365 Review & Promotions

One of the worlds Most Popular betting sites

Betfair Review & Promotions

Best Betting Odds On Their Lay Betting Platform

Blue Bet

Blue Bet is an Australian sports betting site that offers an overall great betting experience, especially when it comes to cricket betting. First of all, we can start by looking at the cricket offering. We noticed that when it comes to value betting odds, they were very competitive. There were also plenty of markets available. You could find odds on most Australian and international cricket matches including the Big Bash League, as well as test matches against Australia’s biggest competitors, such as Pakistan, India and England.

Customers at the Blue Bet site can place bets on a whole number of cricket leagues in the country, with not just great value cricket odds, but also plenty of bonuses and offers. Another bonus is that it is a very easy to use site, on both mobile and desktop. Simply enter in the search bar the match or event you are looking for, click on it, and you will get a selection of odds for all different bet types and markets. Then simply click or touch the odds you want, and it is straight onto your betslip. It makes the whole experience very simple.

On top of the fantastic cricket betting experience, the overall user experience is second to none. You can enjoy most different sports, not just cricket. Also, customer service is also very good, which is vital. As well as this, the site is fully licensed in Australia, so you can rest assured that it follows all the laws and regulations of the country and you know your details and money is in safe hands. Furthermore, it has links to responsible gambling sites so players have access to help if needed. Read more about Blue Bet on our reviews page.

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SportsBet is another of the big Australian bookies that offer its players a great variety of betting options. One of the best reasons to place your cricket bets at SportsBet is the overall quality of services it offers. In terms of value cricket odds, it comes in very similar to Blue Bet for most cricket markets, with some better and some slightly less value. Also, there are a number of betting offers available when you make your first real money deposit, although these vary from time to time, so you need to check out what is currently available to its customers. You can search for the match you want, by simply entering the team you want to bet on in the navigation bar, whether it’s a national team or international team. Finding the game you want takes a matter of minutes. There are also lots of other sports and markets for customers to bet on.

In addition, the SportsBet website is run in accordance with the gambling law of Australia, so you are being protected at all times. It is fully licensed, so you know your bet is being placed at a fair cricket betting website that is linked to responsible gambling sites for players’ protection. Read more in our bookies reviews pages.

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This is another big Australian cricket bookmaker that has established an impressive reputation over time. It is most known for having some of the best sports and market choices in Australia, and cricket is no exception. For players who enjoy gambling on cricket, this is one of the top bookies. There are plenty of betting options and offers, as well as great odds, especially when it comes to Internationals. It offers plenty of bet types, allowing customers to not only put a wager on the winner, but also top players markets, betting on not just end results, but also score predictions. You can place your bets on the player who scores the most runs, hits the most sixes, hits a century and lots more.

As well as its impressive variety of options for betting on cricket scores, you can also place bets on other major Australian sports, such as AFL, soccer and horse racing. The site also offers easily accessible customer service and is fully compliant in Australia, following the country’s gambling law to ensure that your rights are fully protected, and your personal details and money are completely safe and secure. Read more in our bookies reviews pages.

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How We Compare the Best Cricket Betting Sites

When we look at how good a cricket betting website is, we look at a number of factors. One of the most important factors of being successful when betting on cricket is choosing the correct bookie as this is where you will get the most value – and success is all about value bets.

The first rule of betting on cricket is to find the absolute best value odds. If you were to place a bet on the Perth Scorchers taking on the Adelaide Strikers, then no matter which cricket betting site you choose, the match results are the same. However, the rewards are not all the same. If you wager $100 on the outcome, you would obviously be better off betting on the site that gave you more money for winning. It may only be a matter of $5 to $10 more, but over time, this all adds up.

However, there are also other factors to take into consideration:

  • Good odds for all different cricket markets in the sport. We look for the most value not just in Big Bash betting, but also any cricket event in and out of Australia, including the Ashes, World Cup, Tests, ODIs and more, whether it’s Hobart Hurricanes taking on the Perth Scorchers, the Mumbai Indians taking on Chennai Super kings, or even India v Pakistan. We want value for any match in any location around the world.
  • Betting tips and advice. Punters that are new to sports betting and are just starting out with sports bets often need a helping hand. As such, we like betting sites that help bettors new to the sports, giving statistics when it comes to the forms of each team and its players, their last result, most recent injury news etc. Any cricket bookmaker that gives players a little bit of guidance to where they should put their money will always score higher in our reviews.
  • Good odds for Underdogs. Cricket can be very unpredictable, and great performances can come out of nowhere to win. Some gamblers like to take a punt on the underdog team as a strategy, so a website needs to cater for all.
  • A decent betting app. Many punters like to enjoy gambling on the go, from the convenience of anywhere in Australia, at any time, so a decent mobile app is a must. It needs to be responsive, easy to use, and offer the same sport options. Any game available on desktop should be accessible to mobile users.
  • Safety and Security. Any betting sites we recommend will be safe and legal to play in Australia, so you know that your rights are being fully protected.

Top Cricket Markets

Apart from putting bets on the winner of a match, there are a number of other interesting betting markets you can place your bets on. Here is a list of some of the most popular:

Player of the Match

You can place your bet on who you think will be voted as the best cricketer in the game.

Match Markets

This is when you bet on which team wins or loses in any game of cricket. This is the most simple of the types of wager. You could also wager on the outcome being a draw. Betting on the draw is a higher risk bet but can pay off.

Top Wicket Taker

Simply put your money on who you believe will be the top wicket taker in any match or innings.

Top Run Scorer

Punters can put money on which batsman they believe will score the most runs in the match or batting innings.

Scoring a Century

Place your money on any cricketer that you think is in good form and has the chance of scoring a century in either a match or an innings.

Top Cricket Events

Cricket fans will know that there are many different cricket tournaments, not just in Australia, but all across the globe. These are the most popular:

T20 World Cup: This is one of the most popular events in cricket. The first T20 World Cup was held back in 2007 and has proven to be very popular. To date, Australia has never won the tournament.

World One Day Cup: This is the original cricketing World Cup and has been around for much longer than the Twenty20 World Cup. It takes place every four years, and Australia has won the title 5 times.

Big Bash League (BBL): This is the biggest competition in Australia, if not the world. You can also find markets in the summer Crash and Bash spectacular.

Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL): The WBBL is getting increasingly popular and is following in the footsteps of the men’s event. It is now one of the biggest women’s events in cricket in Australia.

India Premier League: Here you can place your wagers on some of the best teams in India. This is becoming very popular worldwide and is one of the best domestic leagues in the world.

Cricket Live Streaming

Cricket live streaming is becoming very popular recently, as it makes watching the game you have placed your wagers on much easier, especially if you plan to enjoy the thrills of live betting as the action happens. Live streaming used to be only available at the big multinational bookies such as Betfair, Bet365 and Unibet. However, with its growing popularity, it is now available on many other popular bookies in Australia. If you want to take advantage of the live streaming feature, you simply need to make sure that you have enough money deposited into your account. Then, just put your wager down on any game that you want to live stream, and you will be able to access it in real time.

Top Cricket Betting Strategies

Any punter serious about cricket betting will want to engage a strategy. This does not need to be too technical or difficult, but it can take your gambling to the next level if used correctly. Those new to gambling may just have the strategy of finding the best odds, others may have more complex financial strategies, and increase / decrease the amount they stake on a game depending on how well they are doing.

The most important strategy is simply knowing what you are betting on. You need to do your research and find out the stats and information on any team you want to place your wager on. Also, be picky with your choices. It’s better to put your money on a few value wagers than keep on betting for the sake of betting.

Betting on Cricket FAQs

What are the different cricket betting types available?

Nowadays, there’s so much more to put your money on, rather than just the winner or loser. you can now also enjoy putting your money on other markets such as highest first innings scores, top wicket takers, top run scorers and more. You can also try out accumulator betting, where you can put together a number of different wagers into one bet and have the chance to win big.

What is the Best Bookmaker for Betting on Cricket?

There are plenty of great bookies out there for cricket wagers. The big multinational sites are always popular, such as Unibet, Betfair and Bet365, but top Australian bookies such as Blue Bet, SportsBet and TAB Au also offer great markets and value.

Which is the Best Country at Cricket?

This very much depends on whether it’s an ODI, Twenty20 or whole test match. Australia is up there and one of the best in the world. England won the last World Cup so is a contender. Other countries such as Pakistan and India are also very high on the table.

Can I Use a Mobile App to Place Cricket Wagers?

Many top bookies offer great mobile apps now, and as such, you can enjoy betting on cricket from your mobile, whenever and wherever you are. You can also enjoy live streaming on a number of the top mobile betting apps.

Is it Safe to Use Online Betting Websites?

It has never been safer to use online betting websites than it is now. They use the best SSL encryption technology and are always tested for fairness. They also use fair and secure banking methods, so you know that hackers won’t be able to access your details. Also, they have a privacy policy that you can check out, and you have the right to pick and choose what information you share on any website that uses cookies. Simply click on the tab and you can choose what cookies you allow and which ones you don’t.

Can I Place Money on an Event After it has Started?

The beauty of live betting means that you can put money down on the cricket even after it has started. Indeed, this can make it even more exciting. As it goes on, you can see who is on form and what is happening and place a wager there and then. This means you can make even more informed decisions. However, it’s all about timing. Because the action is moving along quickly, the odds are constantly changing, so you need to make sure you put your money down at just the right time in order to get the best value for your money.