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Sportsbook Overview

TopBetta is an excellent online betting site that was founded in 2013, meaning it has an excellent number of years in experience, so you know you are playing at an experienced bookmaker, which is the reassurance that some players want. Top Betta are also based in Australia, which makes them one of Australia’s owned sportsbooks, instead of them being from overseas like the likes of Ladbrokes, who have opened up a sports betting site in Australia, but also target countries around the globe.

In 2017, TopBetta wanted to further expand as a bookmaker and decided to buy MadBookie, who are another popular bookmaker in Australia. They are licensed under the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority, and also the Bookmaker’s license by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. This means that they are a trusted and reliable online bookmaker, that abide by the gambling laws set by the commission, to ensure the safety of customers and their details as well as also making sure that all the offers are fair.

In this review, we will delve into the TopBetta betting platform, to see what it can offer customers as well as also seeing whether it is the best bookmaker for you.

Website Layout

The TopBetta website is filled with content and betting options, that is the first impression that a lot of people get when they enter the platform. TopBetta have sort of gone for a mix of modern and retro, when it comes to the lay out and visuals. They have a great lay out, which makes it easy to navigate the site, but the colours make it look slightly retro, as they have gone for a space grey, orange and white colour scheme.

Across the top of the betting site, we have the TopBetta logo, as well as the Top Betta login options, then the following tabs: Tournaments, Racing, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Rugby Union, Golf. You then also have tabs for player bets, A-Z Sports and the promotions page. You will only be able to see exactly what promotions the betting site has to offer when you have registered as a customer to the betting site, this is because of the gambling laws that surround Australia, which state that you are not able to promote promotions to customers until they register.

As you scroll down the page, you can see the upcoming fixtures for certain sports, as well as the time of the events. You can click on the different fixtures and then view the different markets in relation to the fixtures. As you make your way down to the bottom of the betting site, you can find all of the quick links in relation to the betting site, as well as the payment methods, mobile download links as well as licensing. The payment methods that you can use at Top Betta include Visa, Mastercard, BPay, POLi, NAB. This is the typical range of payment methods that you would typically find at a betting site.

Sporting Markets

Across the top of the bookmaker, you can find an A-Z sports tab. If you click on this, you will see a drop-down menu of all the available sports that you can bet on. TopBetta offer an excellent array of sports for you to bet on, these sports include American Football, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Football, Formula One, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, Politics, Rugby Union, Snooker, Table Tennis, Test Cricket, Volleyball.

Once you have then decided on which sport you want to bet on, you can then choose a market within these sports to have a look at. There are a range of markets that you can enjoy within the sports themselves.  Examples of markets that you can bet on include line betting, head to head, handicap and more.

Live Betting

As of yet, there are no live betting facilities for players to enjoy. There is a reason for this, however. The laws in Australia around gambling are a lot different and make it more difficult for customers to bet live, in comparison to other countries. It is legal for customers to bet live or in-play, but it is extremely hard to do so, especially in comparison to other bookmakers across the world. The laws makes it illegal to bet on events live on the betting platform, in order to do so, you must ring up the bookmaker and place the bets over the phone, so for this reason, some sites just don’t offer it at all.

It may be something that this bookmaker looks to try and improve in the future in order to attract more customers who want to be able to experience this feature.


Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular amongst punters, as they realise the value and convenience of being able to place bets on your mobile device. Mobile betting has only been a thing since the introduction of HTML5 technology, because before then, customers were not able to bet on a mobile device, and it could only be done on a desktop device or in a betting shop.

TopBetta has been mobile optimised, so that you can access all of the same betting features as you could on a desktop device, except from the convenience pf your smartphone or tablet device. If you access the internet on your mobile device and search for the betting website, you will be able to access all of the betting markets, bonuses, odds and more that you would experience on the betting website.

The alternative to this is downloading the official mobile betting app for Apple and Android devices. If you are on an iOS device, then head over to the iOS app store and search for the betting app, then download it for free. Once it has downloaded, it will be on your home screen, which gives you more immediate access. The procedure is similar for Android devices, head over to the Google Play Store, where you can download the betting app. Your log in details can also be saved on the app so you don’t have to keep re-entering them every time you want to log in. This will allow you to place bets even quicker.

Top Betta Conclusion

To conclude our thoughts on this bookmaker, TopBetta is a rewarding and entertaining betting site with a lot to offer. Top Betta provides a great range of sports for customers to bet on and a range of markets within these sports. They have some excellent betting odds which will help customers get the most for their winnings. There are some interesting and rewarding promotions which you will also be able to take a look at, when you register with the bookmaker.

Top Betta also provide an excellent mobile betting app for their customers. This is a more convenient way of betting and depending on what mobile device you have, you can in fact have a better experience on your smartphone or tablet device. TopBetta provide a nice variety of payment methods for their customers to use, which will certainly come in handy for those that like to be different and not go for the standard credit card and debit card payment options.

If you like the sound of Top Betta, then try them out for yourself. Register today and play!


Here are some of the advantages that we have mentioned throughout the bookmaker.

  • Great user interface.
  • Betting tournaments available.
  • Australian owned bookmaker.


Here are some of the disadvantages that we have found in relation to TopBetta.

  • No live streaming or live betting available.
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