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MoneyBall Sports Review & Promotions

Sportsbook Overview

Moneyball is a unique and fun betting concept where you are not betting on real sporting events, instead, you are betting on fantasy sports, in order to win real money! This is a very innovative idea that takes sports betting to the next level and certainly increase the popularity of sports betting, and the excitement surrounding sports betting.

Originally, fantasy sports were a massive popularity in America, since then it has grown in population globally, with Australia being an area in which it is shining. Betting on real, live sports is extremely fun and exciting within itself, however it is always nice to consider trying something new and also see what else you can bet on, well now its fantasy sports! Moneyball are an excellent fantasy sports betting website that allow you to bet on so many different fantasy leagues, which include NRL, AFL, EPL, A-League, NFL, NBA, PGA, RWC and more.

Moneyball were founded in 2014, by former employees of Fairfax. It is an Australian owned betting platform that was created in Sydney. Seeing the popularity within the US, they wanted to bring it over to Australia to let punters share the same excitement.

With this form of betting website, the idea is to play against peers and not against the bookmaker themselves. In this review, we will take a look at how Moneyball operates and whether this could be a new exciting form of betting that is suited to your tastes and preferences. We will do in depth analysis, covering a lot of key factors.

Website Layout

If you head over to the MoneyBall website, you will be very pleased with the aesthetics of the site and the way in which it is laid out. The visuals look modern and appealing on the eye, which is one of the first factors that customers consider, because naturally they are going to judge a betting site by its cover. Moneyball have gone for a nice colour scheme of space grey, green and white. Across the top of the betting site, you have the MoneyBall logo, the Moneyball login options and also the following tabs: Lobby, Upcoming, Live, History, Friends, News, Help.

Then underneath this, you have the Lobby page, which is where you want to find all of the contests that you can enter. The lobby page has different tabs across the top, which are the different sports that you can enter contests for. The different tabs include: All, NBA, NFL, EPL, NBA Pre, Racing, NRL, T20, CPL, Origin, AFL, ODI, MLB, PGA. Once you have then chosen a sport, you then have a category to choose from, you can choose from the following: All, Featured, Leagues, Head-To-Head, Double Up and Free Entry.

Underneath the heading and categories, you have a list of different contests for all of the different sports that you can enter. You have the title of the contest, the prize money of the contest if you were to win it, the entry fee, the start time of the contests and then also the link that you follow to enter in the competition. Customers are really spoilt for choice in terms of the number of contests that customers can bet on.

Sports Betting

There are a lot of different sports that you can enter contests for and create a fantasy team. If you go onto the lobby page, you can see the different sports that you can bet on, these include All, NBA, NFL, EPL, NBA Pre, Racing, NRL, T20, CPL, Origin, AFL, ODI, MLB, PGA. Once you have chosen a sport to bet on, you can then take a look at the different contests that are available.

If you click on the contest title, you can find out what prizes are rewarded to different positions, for example if you finish first, second, third, fourth etc. Then also how many entrants there have been, the game that you are betting on, the points that can be scored and how it is decided, and then also the rules.

The entry prize is determined by how many contestants can be entered into the contest as well as what the overall prize money is. For example if you have a contest that allows 50 contestant in, to win $100, then the entry fee will be very small, for example around $2, however if you have the same prize pool of $100, but with only 2 contestants needed, then the entry fee could be around $70 for example.

Live Sports Betting

Live betting is a new feature within gambling that customers enjoy, as it gives them new innovative ways of winning money. Live betting allows customers to bet on outcomes and make predictions on what they will think will happen next.

At MoneyBall, across the top, there is a live tab, which if you click on, it will take you to the page where you can find lie contests and try to get involved. This could be something to look into if you want some creative, quick bets to find out the outcome sooner than if you were to enter a contest that doesn’t start for another 10 hours.


MoneyBall is a fantasy betting site that can be accessed on mobile devices. The way in which you would do this, is by using the mobile internet browser app to search for the Moneyball betting site. The website has been mobile optimised for mobile users, so that you can access it anywhere, at any time. So, whether you are out and about, wanting to pass time, or you have no access to any other form of device to allow you to place your bets, then you can simply just use the mobile site version. It could also give you more immediate access to your betting account.

Unfortunately, there is no official mobile betting app that you can download on your iOS or Android device, which is unfortunate as that could give you even more immediate access to the platform. This is something that Moneyball could consider in the future.

Moneyball Conclusion

In conclusion, we certainly recommend this online bookmaker as it offers a completely different and unique betting experience. Due to the fact that you are betting on a fantasy team, based on real sporting events, instead of betting on particular sporting teams. It is a great alteration to the original idea of sports betting. There are not many online secure payment methods that can be used on this site, however they do cover some of the most popular methods in the industry, like the credit cards, debit cards and some e-wallets. The interface is excellent and loads with ease, it is also modern, which is a huge betting feature that customers are on the lookout for nowadays, as they want something fresh and fast.

You will not find many betting sites out there that are based on fantasy drafts, where you enter contests, therefore even just experience it once and see whether it is the perfect form of betting for you.


Here are some of the advantages that we have mentioned throughout the review, summarised for you.

  • Unique betting format that no other Australian bookie offers.
  • Australian owned company.
  • Range of different leagues with all types of entry fees and prize money rewards.


Here are some of the disadvantages that you may relate to this betting platform.

  • No downloadable betting app.

No VIP scheme.

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Cash Prizes Playing Daily Fantasy Sports