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Sportsbook Overview

MadBookie is an Australian sports betting site that was launched in 2015, meaning that it is a fresh an exciting online betting site for Australian punters. MadBookie was taken over by TopBetta back in 2017, to be under the control of Brett Luntz, who is the Managing Director. Teaming up with this bookmaker was a good thing for both customers and the betting site, because it allowed them to integrate with their market research and experience to become a highly competitive bookmaker. MadBookie was then acquired by PlayUp, who we see as one of our top recommendable betting sites.

By Play Up taking over MadBookie and using them as a wagering company acquisition, it is making them even bigger, because MadBookie has a great customer base, so they can contribute towards their success going forward. If you try to access Mad bookie on a search engine, it will redirect you to the Play Up betting site, where there is a page, explaining that MadBookie are one of the bookmakers that are now operating under Play Up and that you will have to bet at Play Up from now on.

In this review, we will look even closer at the Madbookie/ Play Up betting platform, analyzing key aspects of it, to see whether or not it is a betting site that we would recommend to you.

Website Layout

As we have mentioned in other reviews of betting sites that now operate using the Play Up platform, like Play Up themselves, this is one of the most appealing betting platforms that we have come across, due to how modern and slick it is. It uses a teal green and black colour scheme, which makes it look prestige and professional. Across the top, you have the Play Up logo, the Play Up login options, as well as tabs reading: Racing, Sport and Fantasy. Down the left side of the screen, we have the home tab, a racing tab which is a drop down menu of popular racing events, a sports drop down menu, which displays all of the sports that you can bet on, as well as featured markets that are popular amongst Australian punters, finished off with some help links and contact numbers.

Down the middle of the page, there is a lot of content which shines bright and sticks out. This includes a promotional banner, displaying how Play Up have better odds than most other competitors in the sports betting industry in Australia. This is definitely a good marketing technique to attract new customers, letting them know that you are getting better value for your money and increasing your potential winnings. Underneath this, you will find a list of live and upcoming fixtures that you can bet on. There are 3 tabs that you can choose from which are listed above these fixtures, there is a racing tab, a sports tab and also a promotion tab. If you try to click on the promotion tab, it asks you to register, this is because due to the Australian gambling laws, betting sites and casinos are not allowed to display any promotions or bonuses to new customers as a way to get them to register, customers instead must register with them in order to find them.

However, what you can find, is a VIP rewards promotion banner, which tells customers that if they register, they can get a range of VIP rewards from playing there, which keeps their experience fresh and exciting. On the right site is where you will find your betting slip. The betting slip is where selections will appear that you choose. You can then add a betting stake and confirm your bet.

Sporting Markets

Play Up/ MadBookie provide an excellent range of sports for customers to bet on, there is a lot for them to enjoy in this respect. This is an area in which sportsbooks can be competitive, because punters are on the lookout for sites that offer the widest range of sports.

The different sports that you can bet on, include Australian rules, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, elections, golf, gridiron, handball, ice hockey, MMA, motor racing, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, soccer, surfing, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, yacht racing. Then once you have chosen a sport that you would like to bet on, you can take a look at the different markets within these sports, these include line betting, head to head, handicaps and lots more!

Live Sports Betting

Like with most online bookmakers in Australia, Mad Bookie offer a live betting feature, which is one of the most innovative ideas to ever come about in the betting industry. In-Play betting allows customers to bet on an outcome, on some excellent betting competitions, whilst they are underway. The live betting section on this sportsbook is really not that easy to find, it is mainly just the main page of the betting website or app. However, at the bottom of the menu section on the left side, you can find the number that you need to ring up in order to bet live.

The laws in Australia restrict customers being able to bet on live events through the app or on the website, with such ease. They want to make it a little different for customers, by making them ring up to place the bets.


You can access the Play Up/ Mad Bookie betting platform on your mobile device, in 2 different ways.  The first way that you may decide you want to access the mobile betting app is using an internet browser. On your smartphone, access the internet, whether it be through a google app, or safari and type in the Madbooke betting website. Here you can access all of the betting markets and features that you would use on the desktop version.

The alternative to this method is downloading the betting app. The betting app is available on both iOS and Android devices. If you are using an Apple product, then head over to the iOS app store and search for the betting app. Once you have found it, download it for free, which requires little storage space and it will appear on your home screen, for more immediate access. If you are on an Android device, then go to the Google play store, follow the same procedure to download the app.

This is a faster way of betting and can also be a more enjoyable way, due to the betting apps being extremely efficient.

MadBookie Conclusion

Mad Bookie are certainly an excellent bookmaker, we would recommend them, but they are just Play Up now, so we might as well just recommend play up. There is an excellent customer support team in place that will help you if you are experiencing any betting issues to do with your account, or you have any queries.

There is an excellent range of betting markets and sports available. Some of the sports, you may never have considered betting on before, but due to the options being there to do so, you might want to try it and experience something new and exciting! MadBookie have some exceptional betting odds that you can also take a look at to increase your winnings, don’t forget the VIP rewards too!


Here are some of the advantages that we have listed throughout the review, in relation to MadBookie, for you to enjoy.

  • Australian-owned bookmaker.
  • Allowed to place player bets.
  • In-play betting option available.
  • Modern interface that is aesthetically pleasing.


Here are what critics have said about this online bookie.

  • No live streaming options.
  • Limited payment methods.
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