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  • Biggest Prize Pool: $200000
  • Minimum Buy-in: $1

DraftStars Review & Promotions

Draft Stars is an exciting online sports betting site that was launched in 2016, as part of a joint venture with BetEasy and also Fox Sports. Draft Stars managed 2 years before it was then bought by PlayUp. Play Up themselves were only launched in 2014, but together it gives them great encouragement to be extremely competitive in the Australian betting market, to challenge the likes of Ladbrokes, Betfair and Bet365 who are bookmakers form overseas that have come to try and dominate the Australian betting market.

PlayUp themselves operate a wide variety of betting sites, not just Draft Starts, therefore you can expect a similar experience on the sister sites of this betting site, however there are some differences, which we will examine in this bookmaker review. Draft Stars is very competitive and has a lot to offer.

Draft Stars works in a different way to other betting sites, the way it works is that the users are basically betting into contests that can win them money by scoring more points than anyone else. Depending on the contest and the sport, you can experience a play for fun mode, which will give you the chance to get some experience before then gambling away real money. All of the contests will come with a leaderboard and a prize pool. Depending on the number of contestants, will determine the amount of positions that will receive a payout. So, if there are 6 contestants, the top 2 will win. There is a fixed funds amount and users must choose a selection under that particular amount. Once all of the selections have been chosen, you will then be entered into the contest.

In this review, we will take a look at the different factors that we can take into consideration, when giving this bookmaker an overall conclusion. We will see what advantages it holds, so that you can decide whether or not this is a recommendable site for you.

Website Layout

Draft Stars has one of the most appealing looking betting sites in our opinion. There are a lot of excellent features and visuals to look at. Straight away it screams professionalism and looks very modern, which is 2 qualities that can give off a very good first impression. The layout is quite different to most betting sites, only slightly, but it makes all the difference. Across the top. We have the Draft Stars logo in the corner, then also the Draft Stars login options.

Down the left side is the menu section, which is separated from the rest of the sportsbook lobby page. Here you have the following options: Lobby, Live Now, Rapidfire, How to Play, News & Tips and then also some social links. Down the middle of the page, you have a thin promotional banner, which advertises the player swap feature. Typically, at any other bookmaker around the world, they would advertise their bonuses, however this is not possible with Australian betting sites, so instead they can only advertise special features. This is due to the laws surrounding gambling, which states that betting sites and online casinos are not allowed to advertise any bonuses to new customers. The way to find the promotions is to sign up and then head to the bonus page.

Below the banner, you can see the upcoming and live fixtures or events that you can bet on. It begins with a list of different sports that’s are tabbed, and then there are a list of different fixtures. You can also choose what type of market that you want to bet on, the list given to you include: All, featured, paid, free, head to head and custom.

As you then scroll down to the bottom of the bookmaker, you will find the licensing, quick links and also the links for the downloadable betting app.

Sporting Markets

There is not the biggest range of different sports that customers are able to bet on, due to the nature of how you bet and win money, it is not the same as a lot of bookmakers and therefore cannot really be compared in that respect. It is best to just appreciate the different sports that you can bet on, as they are the most popular in the betting industry, and you do not bet on them in the same way as a typical bookmaker, you instead enter contests to win prizes.

The different sports that you can bet on, include NBA, NFL, Golf, Cricket and Football. Then within these sports, you can bet on different features, each sport and fixture have its own entry cost, pay out and prize pool.

Live Betting Sports

Down the left side of the betting site, in the menu section there is a tab that reads “live now”. This is the live betting section, click on the tab and you will be taken to the live betting page. Across the top of the page, you will find a list of sports across the top, then once you have chosen one of them, you can see all of the fixtures in relation to those sports, that you can bet live on.


Draft Stars is available on mobile devices, this means that if you have a smartphone or tablet device, you are able to access the betting platform. You can either use the internet browser, to search for the website and play that way, which is convenient. The website is optimized into a mobile site version, where you can still access all of the same markets and features and bet in exactly the same way you would on the mobile site version, or alternatively, you can download the free Draft Stars betting app. This is a simple download which can be done on both iOS and Android devices.

If you are playing via an Apple product, then head over to the iOS app store and search for the Draft Stars betting app. It is free to download and once it has downloaded, it will appear on the home screen. This gives you faster access than any other form of gambling and is extremely convenient.

If you are accessing on an Android device, then you should head over to the Google play store, where you can search for the app and download for free, it also does not take up much storage space up at all. Once you are on the app, you can save your login options, so you do not have to keep re-entering them every time you want to log in.

Draft Stars Conclusion

Draft Stars is a very innovative and unique betting site that offers a different way of betting. If you have not experienced anything like Draft Stars before, then we would certainly recommend it. This betting site is different in a lot of ways and the whole process of betting differentiates itself from what is already out there. It is not the easiest concept of betting to understand, that is why it is worth playing for free first, before then deciding to wager real money.

They have a news and tips page which can really be of some use to you. You can read upon news in the latest sports and how this can affect your betting. It is a feature that we certainly would recommend. Draft Stars also have a customer service team in place that try to respond as fast as they can, to deal with any betting queries that you may have.


Here are some of the advantages that we have noticed in regard to Draft Stars.

  • Australian-owned sportsbook.
  • Betting based on contests and can win prize pools.
  • Payouts even if you don’t come first.
  • Innovative way of betting.
  • Some tournaments are free to enter.


  • Not a typical and traditional styled betting site.

Fantasy Sports Betting Platform