Online Gambling in Australia 2021

Online gambling in Australia is very popular and Australian casino players love it. It is no surprise that it is so popular with the amount of excellent online gambling sites in Australia. There is tough competition between gambling platforms and there is so much to experience. Here, we have some of the best online gambling sites for you to play at, whether it be sports betting or online casinos.

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The online gambling market in Australia is one of the biggest in the world, therefore it is no surprise that there is so much tough competition. That is why we have a list of the best gambling sites that we recommend to you. These are based on user experience and also in-depth reviews, which analyses the key features of the sites.

In Australia, gambling has been huge for over 100 years, and it has been made into an entertaining passion of the consumers, not just something that is frowned upon, due to the fact that it is gambling. It is respected and also taken into careful consideration when looking at the dangers surrounding gambling, hence why there are laws in place to help protect customers and players in Australia.

There are a lot of wide markets covered across both sports betting and casinos, meaning that you can almost bet on any event out there. You do not just have to bet on events within Australia, you can bet on competitions all around the globe! The promotions that come with the sports and games have huge appeal too. It can add extra excitement to watching sports, being able to win some money from betting on your favourite sports team.

About Australian Online Gambling

In Australia, over 80% of people are wagering on some form of gambling each year, which is more than any other country in the world! When we talk about gambling and what people enjoy gambling on, it is a very broad topic. We are not just talking about roulette and blackjack, we are talking about any sporting market that a sportsbook has to offer, casino games such as pokies, bingo, the lottery, table games, dealer games, politics, TV and so much more!

In 2019, we saw the introduction to a new law being passed in Australia which is there to make online gambling safer for the residents. This law states that casino operators and sports betting sites are not able to advertise or market their services in Australia. This means that you will only be able to find the very best online gambling platforms from us! We have done intensive research, so that you don’t have to, in order to source the most appealing online gambling sites with the most offering. It has been made extremely difficult now to find the best bonuses, games, odds and more unless you know all the competitors in the industry, lucky for you, we do.

Due to the competitiveness of the industry, we are seeing constant changes to the industry and newcomers entering the market all the time, with something to prove. This is why we can help you find the best online gambling site that is best suited for you. We are always updating our site for you; it makes life so much simpler.

The industry has seen an increased reduction in the number of players that are betting in shops and land casinos, this is due to the advances in technology and the industry becoming more efficient for players, hence why there is increased excitement amongst residence in Australia. Now, on betting sites and apps, you are able to find better odds, bonuses, games, features and more, which gives no reason as to why people shouldn’t use online casinos and online sports betting sites.

Popular Casino Games

Due to the size of the gambling industry in Australia, it has meant that there is so much opportunity and a lot for customers to be able to experience in terms of casino games. It really doesn’t matter how much money you are willing to spend either, you can enjoy so much and try all of the different games, whether you are playing as a penny punter or a high roller.

Here are some of the most popular online gambling games in Australia:

  • Pokies
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Video Poker
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Poker
  • Lottery
  • Keno
  • Sports Betting

Pokies is of course the most popular type of casino game in Australia. Pokies is named differently around the rest of the world; it is known as slot games. One of the reasons for this is down to the fact that some pokies games have the best chance of returning a winning to players per stake. For example, some games can have a 99% RTP, which means that for every £100 spent, you should be returned £99. Of course, this is not necessarily a given, in some cases you can win more, others less.

There are different types of pokies, there are the classic pokies, which of course are the original ones that players would play when they were first created. These are simple games and do not have many pay lines. They also use traditional symbols like card suits and fruits.

Then after the classics, we were exposed to video slots, which are more inventive and creative versions of pokies. These can contain video clips, moving visuals, soundtracks, bonus features, creative symbols and lay out, better pay outs and loads more excellent features. You can have some games with over 1000 ways to win!

Don’t forget that there is also a special type of pokies known as progressives. These are the most rewarding type, which have known to make some players millionaires over the years. The likes of Mega Moolah and Major Millions are both examples of progressives. These types of games can have a pool shared with other pokies or even casinos, players have a percentage of their stakes put into a pool, then when someone lands the jackpot, the pool value is awarded.

Aside from pokies, other very popular online gambling casino games are card games and table games. The likes of blackjack, roulette, baccarat are all examples. These are types of game where luck isn’t the only factor to consider, there is also strategy and tips that you can follow. You can find guides on our site which will help you on these types of games as well, to hopefully increase your winning chances.

There are different variations of table games for you to experience, you can try different variations of roulette and blackjack, which have different rules. They also have different pay out odds and it effects the house edge of the game; these are all things to consider when deciding which game is best for you to play.

Live dealer games are one of the best types of games that have revolutionised the gambling industry. They allow players to have the feeling and experience of playing in a land casino, with a live dealer and the ability to talk to the dealer using a lice chat. You can also play with other players from around the world.

Best Mobile Casinos

The gambling sector in Australia has changed in the same way that is has all over the globe, over the years. It is no longer the case that customers are deciding to travel to land casinos in order to play their favourite casino games or walking into betting shops to place sporting bets. Due to the advances in online technology, it is all so easily accessible online. Gambling firms have created gambling websites and betting apps, which customers could play on, allow them to gamble from the comfort of their own home, or thanks to HTML5 technology, you can do so anywhere on the go.

The experience of gambling on your mobile is the same as gambling on a desktop, if not even better. The lay out and features are all the same, they are just compressed to fit the screen of your mobile device. Due to the excellent graphics and software that is used in the latest mobile devices, it can really improve your experience.

  • iPhone: iOS users can find a huge selection of online casinos and is possibly the main platform of mobile gaming that casino software developers want to target. You can find a list of the best iOS casinos in the Australian market. You can also download some online gambling apps for your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Android: There are a lot of Android devices that you can use in order to play at online casinos. These include LG, G5, Huawei, P9, Samsung Galaxy S7 and more. Android is massively popular in Australia and the gambling experience on one of these mobile devices is excellent.
  • Tablet: A tablet device is excellent for those customers wanting to experience gambling on a big screen, but also on a mobile device. Some tablets have huge screens that come with excellent graphics, to enhance your gambling experience.
  • Windows Phone: Windows phone might not be as popular, but there is still a market for it. Devices like Nokia and Huawei smartphone are examples of phones that use Windows.
  • Blackberry: Blackberry devices were massively popular years ago, but in recent years have started to decrease in popularity. They are great for online gambling and therefore if you have a device like this, then you can play at online casinos and sportsbook for fun!

Best Pokies Casino

There is no denying that pokies are one of the main reasons as to why Australians are playing at online casinos, therefore due to the popularity, having the right casino to play at is massively important and the affect it can have on your experience is huge. Pokies can be played in both land casinos and online casinos, however, the range of games that you can access is a lot bigger online.

Each of the online gambling casinos that we have listed for you, provide a huge number of titles of pokies games. Some of the casinos provide more than others and also provide more from specific pokies developers, which you can read more about in the casino reviews.

If you are a beginner when it comes to playing online pokies, then the casinos are your oyster, you can be heavily excited about experiencing all of the different titles and qualities that the games hold. It is truly exciting and there is a lot to enjoy about these games. From the theme, to the aesthetics, the visuals, the bonus features, gameplay features and more, there is a lot to really get stuck in with here.

Tips for Online Gambling

  1. Choose the right online gambling platform is important. Take into consideration your tastes and preferences and what you expect from gambling. So, think about what your budget is to wager, what types of games you want to play, what promotions would be preferable to you and also your payment methods. Then from this, you can match up to the perfect online gambling site.
  2. Keep in control of your account balance and don’t exceed a limit that you are not comfortable with. Online gambling should be fun, so have an idea of how much you want to wager and what your wagering amounts are.
  3. If you are someone who enjoys promotions, then once you have found a sports betting site or a casino to play at, ensure that you are happy with the bonuses they offer and also look out for any VIP loyalty schemes that they give to existing customers, because these are important.
  4. Pick markets and games that you enjoy. There is so much to experience, so you don’t want to give yourself a negative opinion on iGaming because you have just played on the wrong games for you. Pick games that have appeal to yourself and contain features that you would enjoy.
  5. Before choosing an online gambling platform, read up on the reviews that we have created for that specific app or site. This is very important. You don’t want to go into this blind, it is better to be able to see what you can expect prior to registering.

Why Choose Our Recommended Online Gambling Sites?

The simple reason as to why you should choose one of the recommended online gambling sites that we have listed to you, is simply because they are the best rated gambling sites in Australia. We have heavily reviewed each and every one, to determine which are the most innovative and recommendable. We understand that customers are after different things and that one feature of a betting site wont appeal to everyone, hence why we have mixed it up to offer something for everyone. As well as also having specific pages that list casinos and sports betting sites that lie under certain categories and offer specific interests to players.

The reason as to why you should gamble online as apposed to in a land casino is due to the amount of options that there are online. It is a completely different world and there is so much to play and wager on online, which you couldn’t do in a betting shop or a land casino.

There are so many different bonuses on the sites that we recommend to you. You can match up a bonus with your playing style in order to work out which one is best suited to you, you can look at our best bonuses page also to see who has to most appealing offers for both sports betting and also casino betting.

All of the sites you see listed here are safe and secure. There are a lot of online gambling sites that customers are not too sure about trusting, especially when it comes to new sites that don’t have a huge customer base. There is a quick and easy way in which you can check whether a site is safe and secure or not. In order to do so, you can see if it is licensed under a gambling commission. If it is licensed, which all of our sites here are, then the platform is safe and also abides by the laws and rules stated under the gambling commission. It ensures the safety of customers and their details.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to online gambling.

Is gambling online safe?

Yes, gambling online is completely safe as long as it is licensed and regulated under a gambling commission. All of the sites we offer are licensed and safe for you to register with.

What are the best games to play in Australia?

There is no distinctive game to play at an online casino platform. There are so many popular and highly rated games for you to experience. You can find these in a popular category section of a casino. You can read reviews on specific games and see which ones are best suited for your playing style.

I’m new to online gambling, where do I begin?

If you are new to the scene, then you can start by choosing one of the recommended betting sites that we have to offer. Once you have chosen, you can then register and begin experiencing the fun.

Is mobile gambling available in Australia?

Mobile gambling is certainly available in Australia, in fact, it is one of the most popular forms of betting and the mobile industry is expanding, with is being more and more users port of call.

Are winnings taxed?

Due to the government wanting online gambling to be a fun experience for players, they do not tax them for their winnings. The amount that you withdraw is the amount you get. In fact, the government commissions tax the operators of the gambling platforms instead.

Are casino games rigged?

There is a lot of confusion around this and the simple answer is no. Licensed casinos and betting sites are put through regular testing in order to ensure that they are not rigged or fixed. They have to be completely legit and fair.