New Online Casinos

Here you can find all of the new casinos in Australia that are bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the industry, giving them that competitive edge than any other casino out there. All the time we are seeing new casinos being publicised and that is why we keep ours fresh and up to date, so that you don’t miss out on any casino and their offers.

New Casinos in Australia

Finding the best new casinos can sometimes be difficult, it is in fact easier said than done, especially when you do not know what to look out for. There are so many new casinos out there, however not all of them are worth your time and money. We heavily analyse new casino sites in Australia and then choose our favourites to be added to the list. What we do understand, is that customers have different tastes and preferences and players can play at casinos differently, for that reason, we make sure that there is something for everyone and we choose casinos based on different factors and not just the same one.

Even if you are fine with the casino that you are currently registered with, it is still worth taking a look at the new casinos, so that you are able to see whether the fresh ideas and innovative features would be better suited to you compared to the casino that you currently play at.

How to Choose a New Casino?

The process of finding a new casino is similar to the process of choosing a casino in general, there are still similar aspects and features for you to be on the lookout for, the only real difference is finding something new and unique. Below, you can find some of the features to look out for at a new casino, to make them worth registering with.

New Casino Bonuses

This is one of the most appealing factors of any online casino around the world. The bonuses and promotions attract and keep new players. The bonuses can come in many different forms and are rewarding in their own way. Some are suited specifically to certain types of players. The first type of bonus that you will typically claim, would be a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is usually the most rewarding, due to the fact it is what is going to draw customers in. However, due to the Australian gambling laws, you are not able to view a welcome bonus of a casino before registering with it, but once you have registered, you can find all of the promotions available.

Bonus Codes

One of the ways in which a bonus can appear, is as a bonus code. A bonus code will tend to be stated either on our site or in the terms and conditions of the bonus, is one is necessary. New casinos don’t typically use promo codes and due to the fact that they aren’t that common, they shouldn’t concern you too much.

New Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are of course the most niche of offers and are not that common, due to the fact that it is a bonus that you can receive without having to deposit or wager a single dollar. There are some no deposit bonuses available for customers. These are a great way for a new customer to get used to a new casino and experience some of what it can offer, with the use of a no deposit bonus. We would certainly recommend claiming an offer like this.

User Interface

The lay out and design of a new casino is certainly a factor to consider. What we like about new online casinos is the fact that you can typically find modern features and aspects of the casino site, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing. In a competitive industry, everyone is looking for something new, and this is one edge to offer that will work well with customers. Whether it be a smoother interface, a faster app, innovative visual ideas and more, it can really increase the popularity of a new casino in a market where it is hard to get a big name.

Withdrawal Speeds

Some casinos want to hold onto your money for as long as possible, this will also help you to consider whether or not to cancel the withdrawal and then go and spend the funds, this is why they do it. It can be really inconvenient especially when you want the money straight away. This is why one of the factors to look out for is the withdrawal speed, you want to be able to have fast and efficient withdrawals. Some casinos will target this as a way to attract customers, by telling them that the funds will reach their bank account within hours of processing the withdrawal.

Casino Games

Players love to choose established casino sites due to them typically having a broad range of casino games. However, where players are normally mistaken, is when they don’t realise that new casinos can also come with an extensive amount of casino games, sometimes even more. New casinos understand that the game selection plays a huge part in the decision making of a customer. New casinos can also offer new games, that are exclusive to that platform, therefore if you want to play that particular game, you have to go to that new online casino site.

Payment Methods

There are new payment methods which are always being brought to our attention and are increasing in popularity. You can find a lot of these methods more commonly at new casinos, and not many of the established casinos are fast to latch onto them and accept them because they don’t feel the need to. Payment options such as Neosurf and Bitcoin are new to the gambling market, they are not commonly accepted as of yet, but some new online casino sites are looking to attract customers that are wanting to use this form of payment.

Safety and Security

It goes without saying that the safety of a casino site is massively important, especially with new ones. We only recommend sites that are licensed under a gambling commission, which means that they abide by the laws in place to ensure that customers and their details are safe. This can often be a worry to some customers, they do not want to trust new sites with their personal and banking information, but the licensing is the conformation that they need. If a new casino is not licensed, then we suggest not to sign up to it, because it may not be safe or fair.

Advantages of New Online Casinos

There are many advantages to registering and playing at a brand-new casino, if there wasn’t, then there wouldn’t be so many people looking for new and upcoming casinos to play at. Here is a list of the advantages that you can take into consideration when making the decision as to whether you want to register at a new casino or stick to the one you are currently registered with. Some players like sticking to a particular casino site and they feel comfortable where they are, but this is not always a good thing due to the fact that it can mean that you suffer missing out on some excellent bonuses, games, and also a new and more exciting experience.

  • You can typically find that new casinos use the best and most recent technology within iGaming. The design of their sites, the games, the security and more all contains excellent technology and features that will give you a more modern experience to appreciate.
  • New casinos can typically mean new currencies for you to use to wager your games on. For example, the likes of cryptocurrencies can be used on newer casino sites, which are growing in popularity.
  • Exclusive bonuses are a common reason as to why customers want to be able to register with new casinos. A common factor that is used by casinos to attract new players is bonuses, because they know how much it can influence players. The way in which a casino can attract customers like this is by showcasing a huge welcome bonus, bigger than competitors, as well as also having an appealing loyalty scheme, that are going to make customers stay on that casino, so they don’t go off to find an even better site or app.
  • The terms and conditions that come with some of the games and promotions can be more lenient on a new online casino. You can tend to find lower wagering requirements, which is something that customers look out for nowadays as a prime focus, due to how easy it is to be fooled by offers that seem appealing but have high requirements when it comes to wagering.

Disadvantages of New Casinos

Of course, not every online casino is perfect, whether it is new or not. There are always areas in which could be improved even just ever so slightly, and you can also get some very harsh critics who do not agree with certain features. Below, you can find some of the disadvantages that have been labelled upon some new casinos, which is worth knowing before registering with one.

  • These types of casinos are new and therefore there may not be enough players, who have reviewed the casino enough to convince players. As people, we always look to reviews, they can have a massive influence on whether we buy into a product or service, and casinos are no different. The more reviews and ratings there are on a casino, the more convinced a player is, if they are heavily positive then they are likely to register with them.
  • Progressive jackpots are sometimes smaller with newer casinos, due to the fact that there are not as many players playing the games and contributing to the prize pool, which means that essentially there is not as much to be won.
  • New casinos are not as appealing to high rollers due to how low the withdrawal limits are. This is a common feature on newer online casinos and therefore if you win a considerable amount of money, you won’t be able to withdraw it.
  • Customers don’t want to trust new casinos, but they would be very mistaken to have this mindset and in fact should trust them, as long as they are licensed, which is why you can trust all of the casinos on our site.

Difference Between New and Established Casinos

There are many differences between a casino that is new onto the market, that has only been released within the past couple years, in comparison to a casino that has been around for decades. If you are aware of these differences, then you are able to decide whether or not it is a new casino that is of interest to you and what you should be playing at, as apposed to choosing a platform that has a huge following.

Casino Layout and Themes

Due to the fact that it is only the beginning for them, new online casinos are able to come up with what ever theme and lay out they want. It is not like they are known for a particular look, like the likes of Ladbrokes casino, who have the colour scheme of red that they are most renowned for. This is a chance for new casinos to come up with an aesthetically pleasing look that is modern and fresh, something not seen before.

Whereas with established sites, you are not really going to see a huge change from how they looked years ago, because it is not in their interest to change and their customers may not want that.

Casino Payouts

Older casinos tend to pay out a lot more than new casinos, because they can afford to. They don’t need to offer ridiculously low withdrawal limits for example because they know more players will be coming through the door, but this isn’t the case for a new online casino, which needs to keep a smaller volume of customers playing. Established casinos can have high withdrawal amounts and also wagering amounts; therefore, it is more preferable for high rollers.


The older the casinos, typically the more reviews it will have due to the number of players that may have come and go. Of course, it is not always the case but is in a lot of circumstances. Reviews is something that customers trust, as we talked about before, due to it being a non-biased representation of a casino, something that a player will believe, due to the fact that they have nothing to sell to you as a customer, so it is not going to be an ad in itself.


Typically, older online casinos can be found on a wider variety of platforms, as opposed to a newer site. It tends to be the case that within the first few years, a casino will only be a website and can either be accessed on a web browser on a desktop, or a web browser on a mobile device. But with a more established site, for example one that has been around for a decade, you can typically expect that site to then also have a mobile app version, which customers can download on both iOS and Android devices. This will give you more immediate and convenience access to your account and therefore could be considered better.

Customer Service

There are different customer service techniques that can be used to dealer with a query or issue on a gambling platform. Typically, it will be the case that you can choose between email, live chat and telephone support. The only issue is, not all casinos will provide all of these. With brand-new online casinos, some will offer all of the options, but typically they miss of the likes of telephone support, which can be the most useful. An established site will offer all of them.

Reputation & Authority

The better the reputation, the more convinced the players are, for obvious reasons. But a new platform has to start somewhere. Don’t always think that the reputation is a necessity. New online casinos have to build a reputation through pleasing players, so you could be one of those customers in the process that is pleased.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that customers have about new online casinos sites and apps.

Are new casinos safe?

Yes, all of the online casinos that you find on our site are safe, even if they are new. They are licensed under a gambling commission which ensures the safety of customers and their credentials. We do not recommend any sites with no licensing.

Are bonuses better at new sites?

It is not always the case but sometimes can be. The reason why this is sometimes the case is because bonuses are an excellent way to gain a following and attract new customers. If you look at some of the new casinos we offer, you will see that there are some that have very tempting bonuses that you will not find anywhere else.

Do new online casinos have newer casino games?

The best place to find new casino games is at a brand-new casino. The new casinos are there to give you a fresh and brand-new experience and by offering new games, it is one excellent way to achieve that. New games can also be released on older casino pages too, it is not just necessarily new ones.

Can I register at more than one casino?

Certainly. Registering at more than one casino is a good idea in order to get different excellent experiences. No 2 casinos are the same, the experiences are different, therefore if there is more than one that shows some appeal to you, then by all means, sign up.

Can I claim a free bonus?

Claiming a free bonus is something that is possible on a casino site. Free bonuses do not come around often, but they are out there somewhere, luckily, we have them all here for you. Free bonuses come in the form of a no deposit bonus, we have a list of these for you to claim.