Top Australian POLi Betting Sites

There are a number of ways to pay into your online sports betting sites. Gone are the days when you could use just credit cards or debit cards. One way to pay is by POLi. In this article, we will look at exactly what POLi is, the benefits of POLi betting and all the best POLI betting sites in Australia,

What is POLi?

Poli Betting Sites

Because it isn’t as well-known as others, this may not be a familiar payment method to many punters. However, POLi is a safe and secure online payment method that lets Australian punters make deposits into their betting site accounts using online banking. Currently, this is a payment method only available to Australian and New Zealander punters, but it’s growing fast and its reputation as a trusted payment service is building solidly. Now, more names in the online gambling industry along with other online merchants and even in the travel and retail industries use it.

Although it is one of the newer payment methods out there, POLi has managed to build up a trusted customer base and now offers a very decent alternative to other eWallet and debit card and credit card options.

The Best Poli Betting Sites in Australia

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Although it’s not one of the most well-used banking methods on online gambling sites, there are still a number of bookmakers in Australia and New Zealand that does currently use this payment service. Here are our top Poli betting sites in Australia:

Blue Bet is a top Australian bookmaker famous for offering lots of great value odds, top sports markets, especially horse racing value odds and offers, and plenty of payment methods. What’s more, this is one of the top betting sites to accept POLI as a payment option. All you need to do is open an account at the bookmaker and you will then be given a list of all accepted payment methods, including credit cards, eWallets, internet banking, bank transfer and POLi. You then click on POLi as your preferred payment method. Simply enter the amount you want to deposit and press enter. You’re then ready to claim any new player bet credits and go.

However, if you do claim a bonus code on sign up, please do check the terms to make sure that POLi is an accepted payment option for your qualifying deposit to claim the bonus bet credits. Most will accept a new user using POLi, but not all do as some have payment method exclusions in their t cs.

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SportsBet is another betting site available in Australia and New Zealand that accepts POLi deposits. This is one of the most well known and well-respected gambling sites in Australia and is famous for the number of sports and markets it has in soccer and horse racing, competitive odds – and as well as that, it also boasts POLi as a payment method, as well as other deposit methods such as cards, internet banking and bank transfer. If you want to use POLi as your preferred deposit method on the site, then simply sign up and access your account. You can then click on the ‘use POLi’ button and enter the amount that you wish to deposit. You’re then ready to claim your bet credits and start playing.

Again, you do need to make sure you read through terms and conditions on the betting site carefully if you want to claim bet credits. Some POLI betting sites do accept it as a payment method, but not for qualifying deposits as there may be payment method exclusions in the site’s t cs.

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Other top online gambling sites that use POLI betting include Bet365, Ladbrokes, Unibet, Betfair Australia and other large global betting sites found in Australia and New Zealand.

How To Use POLI at Online Betting Sites

POLi is an internet payment service that was first introduced to Australia and New Zealand back in 2006. It was founded by a company located in Melbourne, Centricom. Originally, it was created for users of Australian online bookmakers. But now it is available for use as a payment system for other online merchants.

POLi is an online payment system that lets Australians make online payments into their online bookmakers account. Users can do this by making a direct withdrawal from their own local bank account. This is perfect for users who are concerned about whether their online payment method is safe and secure. This is because, when using POLi, unlike entering credit card details and internet banking details, you don’t have to disclose any of your personal banking information online. You can even use it on mobile betting apps.

Another benefit is that it reduces waiting time because there is no authorisation period on POLi deposits, compared to credit cards and internet banking. As such, your POLi deposits will hit your betting site account almost immediately.

Using POLi as a Deposit Method

If you do decide to try out POLi betting, then, as a user, you need to know a few things about using it as a payment method. Firstly, as an online betting site user, POLI payments are only accepted as a method for making deposits and is not yet a valid withdrawal method. As such, you will need to look at finding another method. Generally, users who deposit with POLi tend to opt for withdrawals using their internet banking account. However, withdrawals to your bank account can take a little bit longer than eWallets and debit cards, so anyone using POLi would need to be aware of this.

It is clear which online betting sites and merchants use POLi, as you will always be able to find their logo on the website. So, should you start using POLi, you will be able to make online payments on online sites all over Australia and New Zealand.

Getting Started with POLi

POLi really is very simple. First of all, you need to register for online banking and have access to an internet banking account. You can do this at practically all banks in Australia and New Zealand, including BankSA, BankWest, Bendigo Bank, Bank of New Zealand, Commonwealth Bank, Bank of Melbourne, St George Bank, IMB Building Society and more.

You will then need to download and install POLi onto your device from their website. As soon as this is done, you can start using the POLI payment option straight away.

Making POLi payment deposits is every bit as simple as installing it. As soon as you download the POLi payment provider you just need to open your chosen online sports betting site and then click on the POLi deposit option. Then you just add your deposit amount via POLi. Simply follow all the instructions that your bookmaker gives. You are then ready to start using it on the bookmaker and can start making your bets.

POLi Betting – Safety and Security

Any bookmakers that accept POLi do so because it is safe and secure. POLI takes the safety of its players very seriously. As such, it goes through as many security and safety audits as the biggest banks. On top of this, it is one of the safest payment options because it adds an extra level of security for its users. Additionally, the registration process doesn’t hold any of its players’ bank account or credit card details when you deposit with POLi, which makes it one of the most secure payment methods available.

Because of this, a number of top Australian betting sites accept POLi betting deposits, and the number of POLI betting sites keeps on growing. That’s why we have gone through and picked out the best POLi betting sites, so you don’t have to, which means you have more time to start making your bets and enjoying your bet credits.

The POLi betting sites we have come up with don’t just offer POLi payments, but they also have plenty more on offer. When you open an account with any of our recommended POLi betting sites, you will be able to enjoy an overall great experience, not just a variety of payment options. You can enjoy some of the most competitive odds, a huge variety of markets in sports and horse racing.

About POLi Payments Pty Ltd

POLi hasn’t been around for as long as many other payment options. POLi Payments Pty Ltd was originally founded back in 2006. It was launched originally under the name Centricom. However, since then, SecurePay Holdings, a subsidiary company of Australia Post, bought out the company. This has seen the POLi brand expanding quickly. This is now so well known and well trusted that it works with some of the biggest merchants, such as Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, Air Asia, Jetstar and a number of top betting sites. POLi payments are now used all over Australia and New Zealand.

Top Reasons to Use POLi as a Preferred Payment Option

  • Players should use POLi because it is free to use. It comes with no fees when making a deposit at your bookmaker.
  • POLi is a safe and secure method of payment. When you deposit via POLi online, you don’t need to part with any bank details.
  • POLi payments are fast and easy because it auto-fills out your payment details for you.
  • POLi payments mean that you can keep your card details offline as the deposits come straight from your bank account.
  • POLi payments help you to gamble responsibly as it gives you an instant receipt of all of your transactions, meaning you can keep an account of all the deposits you have made.
  • POLi is an Australian company, so you will be supporting an Australian business.


POLi is a great payment service provider that has plenty of benefits and is now available on some of the best bookmakers in Australia. It offers players a safe and secure way to deposit online, is quick and simple to use and is available all over Australia and New Zealand. Although it isn’t available in all bookmakers yet, it is getting there, and will soon be much more widely available, due to its trusted reputation. What’s more, it helps you to gamble responsibly as you can easily keep an eye on any transactions you make.

Our only recommendation would be that you double-check any bonus code offers you want to use for time limits and payment method exclusions so you don’t miss out on offers. Other than that, this is definitely the way forward when it comes to making online transactions. Simply sign up to our best POLi betting sites and start enjoying the benefits it brings.


What is POLi and how do POLi Payments Work?

POLi is an Australian payment service based in Melbourne that was launched in 2006. It was originally created to be available for use for players on Australian bookmaker sites but is now accepted widely throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is a payment service provider that means Australian players can make deposits into their bookmaker account straight from their bank account.

How Can I Access POLi Payments?

If you want to make deposits using POLi, then you need to have an account at one of the following banks:

  • ANZ
  • BankSA
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • BankWest
  • BOQ
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Citibank
  • ING Direct
  • IMB Building Society
  • Newcastle Permanent
  • NAB
  • Suncorp
  • St George Bank
  • Westpac

Using POLi with one of the above banking accounts is one of the easiest and safest ways to make deposits into your bookmaker account.

How Does POLi Betting Work?

Once you have an account with one of the above-mentioned banks, then POLi lets you make deposits into your betting account with just one click. All you have to do is enter how much you want to transfer from your banking account and it will take you to the POLi website. Simply follow the instructions given to you and complete the transaction. You will then be ready to start making your bets!

Does POLi Allow you to Use it for Sports Betting

Indeed it does. which is why POLi is available at some of the best sports betting sites around. It is a very popular choice with many Australian punters.

Is it Safe as a Payment Provider?

POLi is known to be one of the safest and trustworthy payment providers in Australia. The POLi site uses encryption software to keep all data safe. What’s more, depositing via POLi means players don’t have to put bank details online. This is why it is becoming one of the most popular payment options available for use.

Are POLi Deposits and Withdrawals Fast?

Making deposits using POLi is not only simple but very quick. It auto-fills a lot of your details for you, so you can fund your account within seconds. It is much quicker than funding your account with a bank transfer. Unfortunately, POLi doesn’t allow players to withdraw with the service at this time, so, you may have to make withdrawals via bank transfer, which can take some time.

How Does POLi Compare to Other Payment Providers?

POLi compares very well to other payment providers, hence its growing popularity. This is because its ever-growing customer base trusts the brand, which is vitally important. POLi offers its players the chance to make deposits directly from bank accounts and as such, is quick, easy and secure.

Does POLi Charge Fees?

Another huge benefit of betting with POLi is that its transaction charges are very low – at just 1%. What’s more, this charge is capped at $3, so it’s a very cost-effective way to safely deposit money from your bank account straight into your bookmaker site. What’s more, often, a betting site will absorb the cost themselves, so you have that extra money to make your bets with, However, check this with your bookmaker first when you look through their t cs.

Is POLi safer Than Using a Bank Account to Deposit?

POLi allows you to deposit directly from your bank account without having to enter your bank account details onto the bookmaker. This makes it much more convenient and secure. It also gives you receipts for all transactions, so you can keep an eye on what you are spending, which will help you to manage your limits and gamble responsibly.

Can I use POLi to Access a Bonus Code Offer?

This very much depends on the bonus code on offer. Most Bonus code offers come with a variety of terms and conditions attached. Often, there will be time limits attached to the offer, as well as minimum odds. and real money bets. However, aside from time limits and odds requirements, you need to see if there are any payment method exclusions when it comes to making a qualifying deposit. Often, bookmakers won’t allow you to make a qualifying deposit with methods such as PayPal and Neteller. Most will allow you to claim the bonus bets using POLi, but make sure you read the terms carefully first.