Best Betting Sites in Australia for 2022

Find the best betting sites in Australia right here. We have the ultimate betting site guide for punters in Australia, which also comes with bookmaker reviews, odds and tips. The main question that needs answering, is what is the best betting site? You can find the answers and more below!

List of The Best Australian Betting Sites

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There are a lot of Australian bookmakers which could be considered the best betting sites in Australia. Your tastes and preferences as a punter play a massive part in this. You may find your favourite straight away from the table above. If a bookmaker catches your eye, then read our sportsbook review and register today.

All of our online betting sites have multiple advantages to them and are competitive in their own way. They provide innovative ideas that could catch you eye. Of course, it may be the case that there are numerous online sports betting sites that catch you eye, and therefore you can decide to register at multiple betting sites.

What to Consider when Choosing Australian Betting Sites

When looking at different online betting sites to register with and compare, there are a number of different factors that you must consider. These factors can play a big part of your online betting sites experience, in fact, most of them make up your Australian betting experience, so if you want an exciting and also potentially rewarding time when sports betting, take a look at these simple factors and take them into consideration when finding the best betting sites.

Betting Markets

The sports betting markets that you are able to bet on, are a massive factor to consider. The best online betting sites in Australia offer a huge range of markets for customers to enjoy whether its football or horse racing. They cover a massive range of sports, and then also leagues and competitions within them sports.

Of course, there are some sports in particular that have a higher priority and more popularity amongst Aussie punters. For example, Rugby, Horse Racing, Soccer, AFL and Cricket are all amongst the best rated sports to bet on in Australia. Therefore, when you are choosing the top sports betting site to register with, take a look at what the online betting sites can offer you in each of these markets as well as the markets that you are most likely to wager on.

The typical rule that we like to follow, is the more gambling markets there is, the better. This will allow you not only to bet on the markets that you enjoy, but also potentially try something new. Not all online betting sites will cover the same amount of sports, this is something you will need to remember. In our reviews, we have stated which sports are covered by Australian betting sites, so that you can then see whether or not it meets your level of standards. Of course, if you are a punter that is only going to be betting on special competitions, for a limited amount of sports, then this is not really a factor that you need to dwell on too much.

Betting Odds

Online betting odds essentially are going to determine how much money you will make on a successful bet, so if you want to get the most back in returns for your money, then you will need to find the site

with the best odds. On our website, we showcase to you Australian betting sites with the most competitive odds and we rank them higher for doing this. Not all betting sites have the same odds for selections, some are very similar and there is not much different in it, but others do have a big difference in the amount that you can win. There are some selections which only certain Australian bookmakers allow you to predict! It may be the most niche of outcomes such as obscure horse racing events, but they are still there to be bet on.

Betting Apps

Betting apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst bettors in Australia and also across the globe. Due to the advances in mobile technology, for example HTML5, customers are seeing the convenience in betting on a mobile, as opposed to in a betting shop or on a computer, for that reason, the number of players betting via a smartphone or tablet device, has increased.

For a betting app to be successful, it needs to have excellent features and run smoothly, so that it can function almost without any effort needed. Not all the best online betting sites have an official mobile app for you to download from the app store and that can already eliminate some competition if an online sports betting app is a necessity for you as a player.

To some players who bet via mobile, a betting app is not necessarily needed, in that case, you can use a mobile search engine, like google or safari, in order to find the betting website, which has been mobile optimized for you to access on your mobile device. We only recommend the best betting sites with the best betting apps and mobile sites to you, due to the number of customers betting on their mobiles, we would not recommend a website that offers a poor gambling experience and has not optimised their sites well enough.

Betting Site Promotions

The regulations and laws in Australia, regarding online gambling promotions is something of a concern to a lot of Australian betting sites. The rules massively effect betting promotions and online betting bonuses. With promotions being one of the pivotal factors in a player’s decision making when it comes to signing up to a new betting site, you can see the concern for online bookies and how it means that they must find a new competitive edge to attract new customers in. This is where you can find Australian betting sites targeting their odds and markets more to be unique.

This leaves punters to have a simple question in mind that they need answering, which is “what has happened to welcome bonuses and sign up bonuses at betting sites in Australia?”. The answer to this question is that online bookmakers have had to hide a lot of their promotional content from new players, until they have registered and authorised their account. When the regulation was put into place, the betting sites had a considerable amount of time to restructure their website and change them to the very core of them, removing some features and to replace them with what is legally accepted.

So, to put it in the simplest of terms, yes, promotional advertisement for Australian betting sites is banned. Nevertheless, don’t let this stop you gambling. You can therefore find enhanced odds and markets for you to experience, exclusively at particular gambling websites. You will also be able to find some hidden areas within the sportsbook, once you have registered.

List of Bookies:

  • Betting Site
  • Betting Site
  • Neds Betting Site
  • Betting Site
  • Bet365 Australia Betting Site
  • Betting Site
  • Betting Site
  • Palmerbet Betting Site
  • Betting Site
  • ClassicBet Betting Site
  • Draftstars Betting Site
  • Betfair Betting Site
  • Betting Site
  • Playup Betting Site

How We Review Online Betting Sites?

Reviewing the best online betting sites can be hard, especially if you are not too familiar with the market and what can really make Australian bookmakers stand out and have that competitive edge. Our team of professionals have great experience in what is necessary at an online sports Australian betting site, as well as also what extra elements of the sportsbook is going to help it be that little extra bit competitive and

improve a player’s experience. There are certain specifics that we expect from a betting site, which are crucial in the success of a bookie. These are elements that you can also look out for. Our sportsbook reviews take a look at many different factors which we deem to be important and useful for customers to know. Below, you can find some of the points that we examine and take a look at, to make sure that you are safe and also choosing the right online betting website.

Safety and Security

A customer’s safety is at the heart of our needs and is something that we want to take great care with. For that reason, there is no need to worry about the safety and security of any of the sports betting sites that you find registered here on our website.

We will only showcase to you, betting sites that are licensed and regulated under a gambling commission. Being a licensed and regulated site, means that you abide by the laws and regulations in place, which not only ensure the safety of customers, but ensure that your site is fair and none of the promotions are misleading.

The sites are SSL-encrypted to keep customers’ personal details secure and hidden. All of the payment methods are also secure. They are some of the most used and popular payment methods from around the globe, which is why they are used at these casinos. This will stop you from having to worry about the safety of your banking information as well.

Customer Support

Having efficient customer support in place in important and something that we encouraged. There may become a time where you need assistance from a member of staff, whether it be due to an error on the betting site, or you may just have a general query. If an online bookmaker has top-notch customer support, then it is more likely to be recommended to you.

There are different customer service methods that are used, to give customers a choice. It also means that you can choose the most efficient contact method for your questions and problems that you may be experiencing. The different ways in which you can contact a member of customer support, include email, live chat and also telephone support. A lot of bookies also provide an informative FAQ section, which is a quick and easy way to answers.

Email support is available 24/7, however it can also be the longest customer support method when waiting for a reply. It can take up to 24 hours to receive a reply, which isn’t always that convenient. Telephone support is a more appropriate method of contact, if you want your query to be dealt with quickly. However, the telephone lines are not always open 24 hours a day and there are set hours that you can call up. Live chat is more flexible, it can sometimes be open for 24 hours and it is very easy to get your messages across. You enter a 1 on 1 chatroom with a member of team and they are typically fast to respond to your messages.

Competitive Markets & Odds

As well as also advising you as a customer to consider the different markets and odds, it is also something we take a look at. The better competitive a site is in these areas, the more recommendable it is and the better the rating we give the site as a whole.

Not all of the sites that you see online will have the exact same odds and markets to bet on. As we have already mentioned, betting sites in Australia are not allowed to showcase any promotional advertisement to customers and therefore the way in which they need to show most appeal, is

through the markets that they can allow customers to bet on and also the odds for selections in these markets.

Due to the fact that different betting sites have different odds and markets, we advise that players consider registering with multiple betting sites. There is not going to be one distinct betting site that will offer competitive odds in every market. A site might have the best odds for some cricket matches, whilst other sites have better odds for other cricket matches and potentially other sports.

User Experience

The overall user experience is the pinacol of a sports betting site. It is not always about winning, it is about having a fun experience and then wanting to bet again. It can be difficult to find the best online sports betting site and typically the first one you register with, is not going to be the one that you stick with forever. You don’t want to have to be restricted by factors such as payment options, security, markets, poor odds etc. We do believe that there is a perfect bookmaker out there for players, or numerous perfect online bookmakers. It is just the process in finding one, and that is what we are here for. The overall user experience is what is going to be the main ranking factor.

Having reviewed each online sportsbook, we know what they have to offer, and we know what each site specialises in.

Betting Site Features

Betting sites do offer a lot in terms of features, despite the promotions side of things, sports betting sites in Australia are still exciting to play at and do not lack features. We have already discussed a lot of site features that you may be aware of. We have looked at the betting odds, markets, in-play betting, and more. But there are even more ways in which a betting platform can be appealing.

The promotional offers are of course the main aspect, as you could use free bets and other bonus offers as a way to have more to play with and increase your winning possibilities. Some offers are specific to different sports, which will attract a niche of customers who want to bet on those sports.

To Place a bet is a very simple process and you do not need to be an experienced punter, to be able to work it out. Regardless of what the betting site is, the procedure in order to complete a bet and place it successfully, remains the same or similar.

1. The first step that you need to take is create an account to play with. Choose which betting site you want to register with, use our click through link and then fill out their simple registration form, to activate your account.

2. Choose a market to place a bet on, click on the selections, which will then be added to your sports betting slip.

3. Once you have decided on an outcome and are then happy with the odds that are selected, either bet on the selections individually, or as a whole, which will increase the odds.

4. Enter in a betting stake and select your preferred method of payment.

5. Once you have added the funds and confirmed the bet, it will not be live.

Wagering Types & Formats

There are different wagering formats that are exclusive to different betting sites. There is a common structure that most sites follow when it comes to sports betting formats. You can typically bet on the same outcomes for certain sports at every betting site. There are some sites that will offer unique markets that not many others can vouch for, but these will tend to be markets that do not attract much popularity. Examples of the types of bonuses that you can place, can include accumulator, lucky 16, Heinz and

more. Wagering types and markets is a way in which sites try to differentiate themselves so don’t be surprised if there is a sports betting type that one site is offering, but others aren’t.

Depositing with Betting Sites

There is a lot to be said when it comes to depositing money into your betting account and it is a very important aspect to consider. If you do not fund your betting account, then you just simply won’t be able to place a bet or win any money. One way in which an Australian bookmakers can be competitive, is by offering a range of different payment methods for customers to choose from, the more the better. Customers have their own payment methods that they prefer, in which case, it is easier for it to be the case that customers will not have to change the method in which they would preferably deposit and withdraw with.

There are methods that will be excited on one website and not on another, it is often the case that the options will differ from site to site. The most common types of methods are the card options. The likes of Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. These are not just popular in Australia, also across the world, sportsbooks are offering these payment types. These are also the methods that have the most common rules and restrictions, for example the best withdrawal speeds, amounts and more.

Bank transfers are also commonly accepted, these can be used in order to process larger transactions and that is the reason as to why a lot of customers like to use them. Although the transfer can be slow to process and complete, which is not convenient, especially for impatient players.

In the terms and conditions of the betting sites, you will be able to find the different speeds for each payment method. This will help you to decide what payment method you should use and whether it is worth using a different method to the one you originally preferred. We will do our best to showcase the betting websites that have the most options when it comes to payments.

Tipping Guides

Finding tips and guides is something that can really influence a decision of a punter and make them more confident when placing a bet. For others, it may be of no use and you are fine to make your own decisions with your own research.

Horse racing is a perfect example of a sport in which tipsters can really come in handy. Horse racing can be really difficult to bet on; however, it is extremely fun. We want customers to be able to have fun and win money at the same time, that is why we recommend sites that can give you the best betting tips and help you have a more rewarding experience if you are unsure on the stats and figures that could influence your decisions.

People who are familiar with trying to find tipsters, will understand how it can be a lengthy process finding the right one and you may have many internet browsers tabs open, comparing the tips of different professional tipsters. That is why some betting sites take it upon themselves to offer their own betting types.

We also provide a range of guides ourselves on how to approach betting on each sport and how you may want to go about it, to get the best experience and potentially win money at the same time.

Mobile Betting

Betting on a mobile device is almost becoming an expectation when we look at punters nowadays, you can put a bunch of betting customers in a room and ask who bets using their mobile and the majority will say yes, they do. The convenience and immediacy of it is too much not to be tempted by.

This is why it has become a factor that we analyse and so should you as a customer. You want a fast loading mobile site or app that renders well with your mobile device, whether that be a smartphone or tablet.

Extra Gambling Options

Not all online betting sites just offer sports betting, a lot of them have other avenues for you to explore and other gambling markets, which is what we mean by the extra options. More specifically, we are talking about the sites in which you can bet on both sports and also casino betting. Casino betting is another huge market and there are a lot of players that like to bet on both sports betting, but also casino betting, it is a different sense of excitement and there is so much to experience.

Because of these elements of excitement from other platforms and betting options, we do like to refer sites that have both a successful sportsbook but also a successful casino for you to play at. When playing at an online casino, you get to experience games such as slots, table games, poker, live dealer games, scratch cards, bingo and more. Not only that, but you can also have it all linked from one betting account. This means that you can use the same account for online sports betting and casino betting. This makes it easier for you because you won’t have to remember separate log in detail for different platforms.

Betting is Legal in Australia

There is some confusion amongst people as to whether betting is or isn’t legal in Australia, due to the fact that they do have some sort of restrictions in place. The simple answer to this is yes, it is legal to bet in Australia. The way we look at it, betting in Australia shows no signs of becoming illegal. The only laws and regulations that have come into place, to restrict betting ever so slightly, is the law regarding betting promotions and bonuses.

Not all betting bonuses that a platform offers its customers, can be displayed. Customers have to register with a bookmaker in order to see a bonus, and even then, there are still some restrictions. For example, you may not be able to see the full terms and conditions of on offer. This is for the good of the players and to stop them potentially depositing and wagering a lot of money which they then can’t afford to lose. Or depositing loads in order to meet the wagering requirements of an offer, instead its easier to just not claim it.

We do provide as much information that we possibly can on each bookmaker, even any information regarding the bonuses available at the betting site, as long as it meets the guidelines. This is why you should look at the other factors regarding the bookies and then if they seem appealing, register yourself to see what offers are available.

Betting Sites FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to betting sites.

What are the best betting sites in Australia?

This is a tough question to answer and there might not even be a right and wrong answer, as every punter is different and has their own tastes and preferences, which means that their favourite betting site will be different to someone else’s. This means that there is no best betting site, we can only recommend a list to you and state their qualities, for you to then decide.

What are the best betting sites for horse racing?

There are some online bookmakers that are more specific to certain sports, like horse racing. Some sites like William Hill will be better at providing competitive horse racing odds and markets. For example, the likes of BetEasy, Palmerbet and also Classic Bet specialise in horse racing.

Are betting tips helpful?

Betting tips can be helpful, but we would not recommend relying on them, thinking that they will get you a guaranteed win. Betting tips can give you more of a background as to what you are betting on and also stats to back up the points, but this does not mean that it is for definite. Use tips as a guideline and consider them, but do not let them be the sole influence on your decision making. Certain sports tipsters do shine in, one of these is horse racing as it allows you to learn about the ground and the horse running on it.

How to online betting sites payout?

These sites will typically withdraw funds from your account in the same way that you deposited them. So, if you funded your account using a card payment, then that is the method in which the bookmaker will try to pay out in. You can of course change this if you want to.

Are betting sites safe?

Yes, the betting platforms and sites that you see here at our website are extremely safe and secure. They are all licensed and regulated, which is the proof that you need to be able to feel safe and trust the sites. You can read more about the gambling commission and see what rules are in place for a site that is licensed under one.