Best Betting Apps in Australia

Sports betting apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst Aussies. Experience betting through the convenience of a mobile betting app and place bets at your fingertips, allowing you to bet on sports anywhere you want, at any time. Find the best betting mobile apps in Australia right here!

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Sports betting is something that keeps getting better and better, as we discover new innovative ways to bet online. Mobile betting is certainly a feature that has massively improved online sports betting. Mobile apps and mobile betting sites have in fact attracted a considerable amount of attention, making us way past the days of having to travel to a betting shop to wager on sports.

You can quite literally place a bet with your fingertips, using a touch screen device to choose a selection and add a stake. You do not even have to be at a desktop computer anymore, so do not worry if you are out and about, you can use your smartphone or tablet device to place the bets you want. There isn’t anything that a betting shop or desktop betting site has to offer, that a mobile app can’t. The apps have been heavily mobile optimised, to replicate the desktop site. So, whether you are placing bets, claiming promotions, depositing, withdrawing or anything else for that matter, it can all be processed through the highly efficient betting app.

Top 5 Betting Apps

There is a considerable amount of competition in the betting app industry. A lot of bookmakers have created their own betting apps, in order to give their players a more convenient way of betting. Due to the increased competition, it is difficult as a customer to be able to distinguish the best betting apps in Australia. That is why, we have created a shortlist of our top 5 betting apps in Australia, all of which you can download for free today!

Ladbrokes Betting App

Most punters will be no stranger to Ladbrokes, they are one of the most established and eldest betting companies across the world. They have one of the most used apps in the industry. Their betting app has made our top 5 because of how well it runs, it is smooth, the interface is excellent, and you can do everything on this app, that Ladbrokes have to offer. It is so easy to navigate your way around the betting app and find exactly what markets you are looking for.

Ladbrokes are critical when it comes to improving on their own products. For example, they optimise their betting mobile apps in order to be more efficient with the latest mobile devices and their features. If you take a look at the new Apple iPhone products, you can see that they have a face recognition feature in order to log into your phone and for other purposes. Ladbrokes have incorporated this into their app, allowing customers to be able to log into their betting account using face recognition.

Bet365 Betting App

Bet365 are another huge brand that are known globally. They have a competitive app that competes with the likes of Ladbrokes. They add all of the features and pages of the desktop site and have put them into the mobile app. The app is compatible with lots of different mobile products and brands, which is great to then target a wider audience.

The software of the app is excellent, it helps the app to run at a fast speed, given you have an efficient internet connection. Browsing the app is simple, any player could download the app and be able to make their way around it. They have categorised sports and betting types very well, so you can quickly place bets if you are in a rush.

Bookmaker Betting App are an Australian betting company that have their own betting app, which they didn’t release until 2012. Bookmaker where receiving a lot of attention in the betting industry and that is why in 2013, they were bought by Ladbrokes, who looked to increase their brand even more. Due to the fact that they are now owned by Ladbrokes, you can expect their betting mobile app to be just as good as theirs and include a lot of the key features. Possibly the only differences being the themes and the lay out.

This app is available to download across different platforms. It is free to download and doesn’t require much storage space at all. It gives you more immediate access to your account and is a lot more efficient than having to use an internet browser to access the betting website. Also, on the bookmaker betting app, you are allowed to view the most favoured selections by other punters, to help you with your betting options.

BetEasy Betting App

BetEasy is another betting company from the roots of Australia. If you want a home-grown betting app, then BetEasy is your best bet. It is one of the fastest growing sportsbooks in Australia. The app is very slick and simple, it has a very modern theme to it, which a lot of customers love. This betting app is compatible across a range of mobile devices, which is a necessity nowadays if a company wants their betting apps to be successful.

BetEasy have a range of competitive betting markets for customers to enjoy. There is a lot to experience on this app and even if you are not a customer of BetEasy and have not even tried their betting website yet, we would suggest going straight to their app, where you can register your account and start betting.

UniBet Betting App

UniBet are one of the golden oldies in the betting industry, having been around since 1997, they have grown to be one of the most recommendable sites all around the world. They of course have a betting app, like all of their competitors. This betting app is one of our favourites because of the modern interface and excellent betting features. There are a lot of markets to really enjoy here and for any new punters or experienced punters, it is such an easy app to bet on.

This is another app that have taken time into making their app competitive and include some of the features that you can find in the mobile devices. Some of the exclusive features that you can’t access in most other apps, include live streaming on over 100 sporting events! Live streaming is one of the most innovative features that has been introduced into sports betting.

How We Choose Our Best Betting Apps

There is a lengthy and very critical process that we use in order to see what the best betting apps in Australia are. Our team of experts, use their experience and skills in order to take a deep look at each app. We understand that customers have different tastes and preferences. For that reason, we want to offer a range of different betting apps that are innovative in different ways, so that there is something for everyone.

Here are the criteria that we look at when it comes to choosing the best betting apps:

  • The compatibility with mobile devices, this means taking a look at what mobile operators allow their customers to download the betting apps using their software. This includes iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and more.
  • How easy it is to download the app. Customers don’t want to have to mess around trying to download the app, it should be able to be done in a few simple steps.
  • The Interface of the app. The app needs to be aesthetically pleasing, customers want to bet on a well organised and appealing betting app.
  • The features and betting types of the app are important because this is what you are going to be betting your money on, for example the betting markets and the live streaming, etc.
  • How easy it is to pace your bets is also a factor to consider. Customers want to be able to place bets with ease.
  • The overall experience of that you get, aside from just the betting and the chances of winning money.

How to Download a Betting App for iOS & Android

iOS (Apple): There are a lot of Apple products that are eligible to download betting apps, for example iPhones, iPads, iPods and more. Downloading a betting app on an iOS device is extremely simple and easy to do.

All you need to do is head over to the iOS app store and use the search bar to locate the betting app. Type in the name of the app and search. Once you have found the app, choose the option to download. Once the app has downloaded, you can their either register an account or sign into your existing account. You are now able to access all of the features that the app has to offer.

Android: The process in which you need to follow to download a betting app on Android, is very similar to what you would follow for an apple product. The Australian market for Android is in fact one of the best.

In order to download an app, you will need to head over to the Google Play Store. From here, follow the process of using the search tab to locate the particular betting app. Once found, choose the option to download and then wait for your download to be complete. Once finished, then you can log in or register your account, allowing yourself to access some of the excellent features on the website.

Desktop Betting Sites Vs Mobile Apps

Desktop betting sites are not all that bad. They are still a great way to place bets and be able to view what is going on in the betting world, we still recommend them to customers, if you are by a computer then by all means access the betting websites. It is just the case of if you are not able to access a computer or you are out and about, then mobile betting is the best form of betting. Even if you do have a computer nearby, mobile betting may still be a better option.

We would recommend to customers, using a mobile betting app as opposed to a desktop betting site, and we would do this for many reasons. The betting apps can typically be faster due to the software that is built into the mobile device. This is not always the case, because you could have a relatively fast computer and a dated smartphone. But typically, we have noticed this to be the case.

Some bookmakers try to promote features that you can only access on a mobile device. When it comes to bonuses, there are some that are specific to just mobile apps and companies offer players with a free reward to download the app, but these are a rarity.

It is said to be easier to access a bet on a mobile device. If you are watching sport, in the time it takes to get your smartphone or mobile device, click on the app and check on your bets, you may not have even logged into your computer yet. So, when considering features such as cashing out, the mobile app would be more efficient.

Top Betting App Features

All of the betting apps that you find on our site are different. Some of the apps have innovative features that you will not be able to access anywhere else. That is why we offer apps to you that are unique in their own way, so that no 2 are the same and you could possibly download multiple apps for a different experience. Some key features that you may want to try out could include:

  • Live sports streaming.
  • Enhanced odds.
  • Cashout feature.
  • Bet trackers.
  • Popular bets list.

Live Streaming Betting Apps

Live streaming is a betting feature that has not been around for too long. It is something that is really exciting punters, and for good reason. Live streaming is a feature that allows you to watch a sporting event live, once you have placed a bet on it. Lets take an AFL match for example, you could place a bet on which team you think is going to win, then once you have placed a bet on it, you are then able to watch the event and see your bet unfold.

In-Play Betting Apps

In-Play is another sports betting feature that customers want to be able to experience. It is an innovative idea that allows you to place a bet on a selection, whilst the event is currently being played. Another phrase for in-play betting, is live betting. It is a touchy subject within the gambling laws of Australia. There are some concepts of the idea which are illegal, and it makes the topic of the whole feature sort of a confusion as to whether it is allowed or not.

The way that bookmakers have made their way around this concept, is through introducing mobile live betting, which means that you can place live bets, by ringing up the bookmaker. Bet365 are a prime example of this.

New Betting Apps in Australia

New betting sites in general are being released all the time and making their way into the Australian market. That is why we are always updating our site so that we can provide the latest and best new betting sites that have the best new betting apps for you to download. New betting apps are great to experience, they provide excellent new features for customers to experience and they are certainly worth looking at, for that more modern, new app with competitive bonuses.

Best Betting Apps for Horse Racing

In Australia, horse racing betting is extremely popular. When horse racing betting first began, mobile betting wasn’t a thing and therefore we were not able to do it on the go, however, now we can! Horse races are happening all the time and thanks to mobile betting, you can bet on almost any horse race from around the world. When it comes to the best betting app for horse racing, the first app that comes to mind would have to be ClassicBet, due to the fact that they are extremely competitive in this market and have a strong focus on it.

Best Betting Apps for Cricket

Cricket is another popular sport in Australia, in which on the correct app, you can bet in-play, stream cricket events and bet on an excellent range of markets. You can do this all from the convenience of your betting app on your mobile phone. If you are wanting to place some excellent in play bets and also bet live on cricket, then recommended apps would be Ladbrokes or Bet365.

Types of Gambling Apps

There are different types of gambling apps that you can access. Some of the betting apps allow you to access different gambling platforms through one app. The different types of gambling apps include sports betting, casino, slots, bingo and more.

Some of the bigger brands, like Ladbrokes, have a sportsbook app and a casino app. You can sue on account to access both areas and do it all through one app, making it more convenient for you as a player, therefore if you are a customer that likes to bet on both, then consider this.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions in regard to betting apps in Australia.

Is the app better than the website?

It is not always the case that the mobile app is better than the website, it is just that for customers it can be more convenient. If you are someone that bets on the go, then the mobile app would be better.

Are the odds the same on the app?

Yes, the odds on the mobile app are the same on the desktop version. Even if you bet in a betting shop, the odds are the same. However, the betting apps allow you to get exclusive bonuses.

Can I create an account on the app?

Yes, you can download the app and then register your account. You can fill out a registration form and also start depositing some funds, ready to spend on the markets that the betting app has to offer.