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Finding the Best Sportsbooks in Australia

If you want to try your hand at sports betting, then your very first step needs to be finding the best sports betting sites in Australia. But how? How do you know which sites are the best? Where can you find the best odds? There are so many bookmakers out there that offer different things. So, it often helps to sign up with more than one bookmakers. For example, some sports betting sites may have lots of sports and markets, but not really great value odds for your particular sportsbet or event. So, you may wish to look elsewhere to compare.

Finding Value

If you have access to great betting tips, then you want to make sure that you can also get a value odds for those tips, as that is where the real success lies. Dome may offer great odds but not many promos. Others may offer lots of free bets and promotions, but not many sports and markets or odds.

Here, at Aussie Bets, we do all the work for you. We look through all of the top Australian sports betting sites and betting apps to see which one is the best. We offer reviews looking at each one carefully to see what their strengths and weaknesses are and give you an in-depth insight into how well they perform. This means you can make an informed decision, think about your choices and pick the right betting website for you.

As such, we have put together a list of all the sports betting online sites in Australia that offer great value odds, a variety of sports and markets, great customer service and user experience, as well as offers, free bets, bonus offers and promotions. What’s more, all the Australian sports betting sites we recommend are safe, secure and fully regulated, so you know that you’re in the safest hands when you make your sportsbet on the game of your choice.

Our Recommended Online Betting Sites

Having looked through all the top online gambling sites, here is a list of short reviews for the top sportsbook Australia has to offer, that have great odds, lots of betting markets, good customer service and make sure that you gamble responsibly.

Sports Champs. com au is a relatively new and upcoming website in Australia, but it is one that is forward-thinking, innovative, and adds a little extra to the Australian fantasy sports betting market. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most thrilling fantasy betting agencies in Australia at the moment. It has been around since 2016, so has had enough time to build up its reputation, but is new enough to be original and exciting. What’s more, it is the brainchild of the former bookmaker, Alan Eskander, who has more than 20 years experience in sports betting in Australia.

This is predominantly an Australian fantasy betting website that offers tournaments for you to put your money on. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and head over to the lobby. You can then choose tournaments from a range of sports, including AFL, Soccer, EPL, NBA, Super Rugby, NRL and Horse Racing, to name but a few. The website continues to grow and more sports are always being added. Tournament entry costs differ, from free to enter, to $100 per entry. This means that you can control how much you want to play and is perfect for newcomers and beginners in Australia ready to make their first sports online bet.

It is a professional, easy to use sports betting website which excels in fantasy betting, has lots of sports tournaments, has excellent customer service, generous odds, easy to access, encourages players to gamble responsibly and is perfect for people just getting into Aus betting. Overall, this is well worth a second look – and a third… Read more in our full Sports Champs. com au review.

sportchamps banner

This is a very new betting website on the scene and is one of the most current on the betting scene in Australia, which makes it very exciting. The B Bet. com au sports betting site was launched in 2019, so is still making its name in the betting industry in Australia.

However, it has plenty of experience behind it, to give it gravitas in the market. B Bet. com au was launched by Australian bookmaker, Luke Behrmann and is the online betting arm of The Behrmann Group Pty Ltd.

However, B Bet has been around a lot longer outside of the online sports betting scene. It has operated on course at Australian Turf Club meetings for more than twenty years. However, it has only just ventured into the online betting scene.

Because it already has plenty of experience ‘on track’ in Australia, it already knows exactly what makes customers happy. As such, it goes out of its way to add the extra personal touch with all account holders. What’s more, it does offer a variety of sports and markets, including the Australian Football League, Soccer, NRL and Tennis to name a few. They also offer a nice load of offers and promotions as well, which is a plus when you’re making your first sportsbet on the site.

Overall, the whole website was easy to use, the banking and depositing was safe and secure. It also offered plenty of betting markets, great odds and has a really customer-friendly and personalised approach. Read more in our full B Bet review here….

bbet review

Compared to some of the other bookmakers in Australia, Blue Bet. com au has been around a bit longer and was initially launched back in 2015. It was founded by Michael Sullivan and is owned by BlueBet Pty Ltd. The sports betting website was originally created to take on the top English bookmakers, who seemed to dominate the Australia sports betting market – and it goes a long way to doing so.

One of BlueBet’s biggest selling points is the number of sports and betting markets it has, which is easily comparable to the biggest of bookmakers in the country. You can enjoy plenty of markets and value odds in European soccer, as well as odds for the Australian Football League, EPL, NRL, NBA, NHL, Tennis and plenty more.

You can tell that the designers of the site definitely had user experience in mind when putting it together, as it is responsive and easy to use no matter what device you are using to make your sportsbet online. As such, it is perfect for beginners and newcomers, as well as people with more experience.

Overall, there are plenty of positives. It has plenty of experience in the Australia sports betting scene and this is evident throughout the website. This Australian sportsbook is safe, secure, easy to use and offers lots of variety when it comes to the biggest sports in the country. Read more in our full BlueBet. com au review here…

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Sports Bet. com au is a sportsbook that has a vast amount of experience as it has been around in Australia since way back in 1993. So, one of the older ones in the country with a no-frills approach. Generally, with age comes experience and Sport Bet. com au has had that in abundance – good and bad. It got to a point, in 2005 when it was on the edge of bankruptcy. However, Matthew Tripp came in and turned it around.

Eventually, Dublin-based Paddy Power took over the reins of the Australia sportsbook, acquiring 51% in 2009 and full ownership by 2011. It now benefits from Paddy Power’s knowledge, which makes it stand out in the densely populated Australian market. It has great advertising and offers impressive promotions – all guaranteed to catch a punter’s eye.

Alongside its offers, the sports betting website is impressively easy to use and is highly responsive. So, whether you know your way around a betting website, or whether you are new to the scene, this will work well for you. Also, because it is owned by Paddy Power, it offers a great number of sports and markets, such as AFL and EPL, so is competitive in that area too. It offers all of the expected sport options such as soccer and horse racing but its strength is Australia’s main sports. So, if you prefer to stick to homegrown country sports, then you can’t go wrong here. It also excels in horse racing, where it has a lot of markets and events.  

Aside from this, the service is exceptional. All the way from customer service, to account management, promos and free bets, odds, customer service, banking and withdrawing and mobile. What’s more, it is safe, secure and encourages players to gamble responsibly, so you can always feel like you are protected.

Overall, this has vast experience in the Australia sportsbook industry and it shows in all areas. As such, you can always know you’re in safe hands, making it the perfect bookmakers for experts and beginners alike. Read more in our full Sport Bet. com au review here…

sportsbet banner is a company that has led the way in sports betting in Australia. Anyone that likes a flutter in Australia and is familiar with top bookmakers will more than likely be familiar with the most famous brand in the country. As such, this is a company that outshines many of the others, especially in terms of sports and markets options. Not only can you find the common sports such as the Australian Football League, EPL, NBA, NRL, NFL, tennis and cricket, but you can also find betting opportunities in other areas such as country politics and the entertainment industry in Australia, which can make a fun change.

Because of its vast offerings, Tab AU boasts in excess of 300,000 customers in Australia, who can place bets not just online, but also over the phone and on machines at bookmakers venues throughout Australia. It has easy ways of betting no matter what options you prefer, which is one of the reasons it is so popular in its home country.

One of TAB’s biggest selling points is its Sky Racing license. This means that if you have an account at TAB, you can take full advantage of Sky Racing live video and audio streams through the TAB betting app or the website. As well as this, the website and app are very easy to use as well, mainly due to their next level search functions, meaning you can find whatever you want quickly and easily. This has been a favourite in Australia for a long while and it looks set to be a favourite with experts and newbies alike for years to come. It offers a great overall experience and lots of popular game betting options and odds. Read more in our full TAB Au betting review here…

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What To Take Into Account When Choosing Your Sports Betting Platform

When choosing a betting website in Australia, there are a number of factors to take into account:

Safety and Security

Clearly, there are a number of areas to take into account when choosing your betting site in Australia. The most important thing is making sure that the bookmaker is safe and regulated to play in your country. As betting is becoming more popular in Australia, there are lots of new betting sites popping up. However, not all of the new Australian online betting sites are safe. One of the benefits of coming here is that any bookmaker we have will all be regulated and compliant, so you know that your data and your money is completely safe and that the betting site in question is running in a fair way and is regulated in Australia. Be aware that this may mean you will need to go through identification verification at the start, which may slow the process down. However, this is to make sure that it is compliant and is for safety purposes.

Bonus Offers, Free Bets and Promotions

One of the first things to catch any new punter’s eye will be the offers it has available, as they can all look very tempting. However, there’s a lot more to any offer than just the figure involved. It is also vitally important to look at any of the terms and conditions attached. There are times when you may see a very tempting sport betting offer, but when looking at the terms and condition attached to the offer, you will see that it is virtually impossible to get the winnings, making it pointless and worthless. Remember, betting websites have their rights reserved to change and alter T&Cs at any time, so make sure you read carefully.

Customer Service

No matter how good any bookmaker in Australia is, it is vital that it offers good customer service. Not everything will go exactly as planned and there may well be a time when something goes wrong and you will need to talk to a customer service advisor. As such, any of the top bookmakers in the country that we recommend will all offer a great service here. Many customer service departments will be open for long hours and will offer a number of ways to contact them. Moreover, the best online sportsbooks in Australia will have fully trained and professional staff covering their customer service desk, so they can help punters quickly and fully.

In our experience, a lot of wrongs can be righted by the right customer service and as such, this will be an overall deciding factor when it comes to judging the top bookmakers in the country

Making Sure You Gamble Responsibly

With the popularity of Australian online sports betting growing, it has never been more important to make sure you gamble responsibly and don’t lose control of the habit. As such, many of the top bookmakers in Australia are dedicated to ensuring players gamble responsibly. This means that they have a page dedicated to responsible gambling and have links to responsible gambling sites and gambling help lines in Australia.

Finding the Best Betting Tips and Predictions

If you are new to online sports betting, then you may be on the lookout for betting tips to get you started. Obviously, you should pick a sport that you are more familiar with. As such the top sports in the country are best to start with, such as the AFL and the other main sports in Australia. Not only will you know more about them yourself, but you are more likely to be able to find valuable betting tips to assist you. Remember, there are plenty of betting tips for Australia’s top sports out there, so it’s good to scout around. However, there’s no point paying out good money to get hold of betting tips. Nothing can make up for your own knowledge. Some bookmakers also offer tips and stats to help you make a winning wager.

Getting The Best Betting Experience in Australia

So, when you think about your choices, there are lots to take into consideration. Australia has a number of betting websites in the country. However, the best choices call for a bookmaker that offers an all-round great experience. It’s not just about odds or promotions. Obviously, great odds is important – and a variety of generous odds, not just generous odds for one sport but for all. However, punters also want a bookmaker that offers an easy sportsbetting experience and lots of sports betting markets and sporting events.

The Right Bookmaker for You

When you choose to bet on sports online in Australia, the bookmaker of choice should be a website that caters for its target audience – the people of Australia. This means making the most popular sports in the country available, whether it’s soccer, AFL or racing.

The choice for betting on sports in Australia has never been better. So, welcome to the world of sportsbetting and we are here to help you think about your choices and pick the right site for you.


Why should I choose an Australian Sportsbook?
You can find some excellent markets and the best sports to bet on in Australia. They offer competitive odds and specialise in Australian sports.
Is Live Betting available in Australia?
It is possible to place bets live in Australia; however, you might struggle to find an in-play betting market due to the restrictions. What you can do, is bet over the phone live!
What are the best sports to bet on?
When finding the best sports betting markets, it is best to choose a market that is entertaining for you. Something you are familiar with is a great place to start.




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