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Are you on the lookout for the best Australian sports betting experience? If so, then you have come to the right place. We’ve worked round the clock to ensure that you’ve got the all the information you could ever need for when it comes to sports betting Australia.

The steps and strategies that you need to follow in order to find the best sports betting markets and odds can be difficult, that is why our team of professionals have done the hard part for you. We have done extensive market research, in order to locate the sports and markets that are going to offer the best betting experience to you. We also understand that customers have their own tastes and preferences and for that reason, we have decided to choose sites that all have something different to offer players in terms of a betting experience, so that there is something for everyone.

The betting sites that we offer to you provide a range of competitive attributes, which could include betting odds, promotions, sports, safe and secure payment options like PayPal and Poli and a range of niche betting markets for you to try.

Best Australian Sportsbooks for 2020

Unibet Review & Promotions

Bet £20, Get £40 Bet Bonus!

Unibet are one of the leading bookmaker brands in the UK and across Europe, with this operator providing a first-class betting service when it comes to a range of sports including football, basketball and tennis.

Bet365 Review & Promotions

One of the worlds Most Popular betting sites

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Choosing the Best Sports to Bet On

With an internet full of sports betting website, all offering their own unique ideas on sports betting, it can be a difficult task in itself to decide which sports betting platform is best for you and watch bookmaker is going to offer you the most for your money!

We understand that you are not wanting to spend hours searching for the best betting sites and sports, which many people do. To resolve this matter, we have come up with the most important guidelines that you can follow and understand, to help you choose a sports online betting site from our list.

There are a lot of popular sporting markets amongst the Australian betting industry in which punters are logging in to wager on, these sports include Horse Racing, Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, NFL, AFL, NRL, MMA, UFC, Golf and many more. Due to these being the most popular, you want to find which one you are going to be betting on and find a bookmaker which is going to be the most competitive in those markets.

If you are a punter that is only going to be betting on the major sporting fixtures, and therefore only a few times a year, then you will need to be in search of the bookmaker with the best sports betting odds for those events, and also bonuses to match those odds, allowing you to get the most for your money. The same applies to if you bet all year round on particular sports, you want the best odds, the best bonuses but also, the biggest range of fixtures for those sports, the more fixtures within that sport that you can bet on, the better.

Sports betting odds play a huge part in the decision making of a customer. Of course, you are going to choose the sports that will give you the most back for your money. It may be the case that you have to compare the betting odds of a few sports that appeal to you the most, to see which one will pay out more. We would recommend choosing a sports site with the better odds to further increase your winnings.

In-Play betting is a sporting market that has rapidly grown in popularity over recent years. It is a new way for customers to bet, allowing them to predict what will happen next in a game. It adds more excitement to betting, especially if you are watching the fixture live, whether it be in the stadium/ arena or on TV, you can predict what you think will happen next and try to win yourself some money. A lot of the big named sports bookies offer the biggest range of in-play betting options, covering a lot of different sports and fixtures.

Live betting is considered illegal in Australia when done over the internet, that is why some bookmakers will make their way around this law, so that you are not restricted from being able to experience it. Bet365 being the perfect example, they have a call service, where you can phone up and place your live bets!


Sports Betting Tips

There are a lot of tipsters nowadays, which are all trying to lure customers in with their sports betting tips that they can almost promise, will be winning selections. The best chance of following the best betting tips and having justification behind your bets, is by trusting in the correct researchers and ensuring that you are following bets from professionals, like we have here at

You can use our tips in order to influence your decisions and help you to be more confident when betting. As well as giving you sports betting tips, we can also show you what sportsbooks are offering the best odds for these selections!

You can find betting tips for the most popular sports in Australia. Some of the most popular sports include basketball, soccer, football, cricket, golf and more. You can find betting tips from sports all over the globe. The Australian football league is a massive sport in its native land that Aussies love to bet on. With something so popular, you want to be able to have the correct tips to make it a profitable sport for you, as well as an enjoyable one.

Sports Betting Guides

As well as finding sports betting tips for you to increase your bets and winning possibilities, you can also find guides on each of the sports and markets. These guides are certainly worth a read, as they give you a better insight into the different sports and also features within betting, which may be of use to you. If you were to place a bet on a horse racing fixture, which you have never really done before, then the appropriate guide will be able to tell you how to bet on horse racing, and the best markets for the sport. It will also tell you what to look out for with particular races, so that you can then consider these factors when reading upon the betting tips for a specific race.

Of course, the guides are not always a necessity when it comes to sports betting, but if you are unsure about a certain sport or are a beginner in the sports betting game, it will certainly be of some use to you. The guides will help you to find the right betting sites, the right sports, leagues fixtures, betting types and more. They are so broad when it comes to betting, there is almost a guide for every decision within betting.

Sports betting is extremely popular for a reason, there is a lot of betting options and markets nowadays, it has gone way past the point of where it was as simple as just betting on the Win/ lose/ draw scenario. There are that many markets now for a variety of sports, that it is hard to keep up, this adds to the reason as to why guides are useful. There may be some sports markets in which you do not understand, for this reason, you can read some of our guides, which could enlighten you on what these markets are about and how to bet on them.


Favourite Australian Bookmakers

There are a lot of popular Australian bookmakers, which could all be considered as the best. We do not have a distinct favourite, in fact, we have lots of favourites. There are different advantages to each and every betting site, with their own innovative ideas and features. This is why we like to offer a range of favourites, so that you get to experience all of these features.


BetEasy are one of our favourites in Australian sports betting, due to the fact that they are owned by the Star Group, who also own William Hill and Crown bet. This means that they can use their expertise and experience, in order to produce another massively popular sportsbook. This betting website was founded in 2015. This is an extremely professional and recommendable sports betting platform, in which you will find an excellent range of betting markets, odds and promotions.

Palmer Bet

Palmerbet is an excellent choice of sports betting site, due to them having been around for a considerable amount of time, meaning that they have a lot of experience and know exactly what customers are looking for. The grandfather of the Palmer brothers was known as one of the most popular people in the betting rings of Sydney. The aim of Palmerbet is to provide customers with a fairer, interactive way of betting. It is committed to trying to offer the best odds and bigger betting limits for customers to enjoy.


Sportsbet is in fact owned by one of the most popular betting sites across the globe, which is Paddy Power. This gives customers excitement to believe that there is going to be a lot of humour, promotions and also excellent sports betting odds for customers. This is an extremely interactive bookmaker that comes with a mobile optimised platform, this allows customers to enjoy placing their sporting bets from the convenience of their own smartphone or tablet device. As well as also offering a range of excellent sports bets for customers to enjoy, there are other markets that you can bet on, which include politics, TV and more.

Our handpicked bookmakers

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has become a huge trend in recent years, and we expect this market to grow even further. Mobile betting is extremely convenient for sports betting, as it means you are able to place bets anywhere, at any time, from the comfort of your own smartphone or tablet device.

Mobile betting adds extra excitement to just watching sports in general. For example, let’s say that you were socialising with your friends and watching a sporting event, without any access to a desktop device. You are sitting there comfortably, and you decide that you want to make watching sports that extra bit more relative and thrilling, so you decide to place a bet on the sports, you can do this using your mobile phone, which is extremely easy to do and it also means that you don’t have to travel to a betting shop or find a computer.

You can log into your account on the betting apps, choose the bet you want to place and then place it. As well as this, you can also receive notifications from the betting app, to let you know exactly what is happening.

There are a lot of sports betting platforms that have an official mobile app for customers to enjoy. The apps are free to download and also don’t take up much storage space at all. It will give you more immediate access to your account. It may be the case that the betting site you want to register with, does not have an official mobile app, in which case, you can use a search engine on your mobile device, to locate the mobile site version.

Is Sports Betting Legal?

There is some degree of confusion amongst sports bettors when it comes to the question of whether sports betting in Australia is legal. Some people are unsure on the laws regarding gambling in Australia. Sport Betting is legal in Australia and there are a lot of excellent sports betting sites to choose from. It is not illegal to bet on sports and therefore you do not need to worry about that.

There are laws regarding what is accepted in the gambling industry. The main restriction that the government has implemented in this industry, is that there is a restriction on advertisement for gambling. Sports sites are not allowed to promote sports bonuses to new customers as a way to get them to sign up. Once customers have registered, they can then showcase to them some of the betting promotions, but until then, they cannot do so. Even then, some of the terms and conditions are restricted.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions that punters have in regard to sport betting.

Why should I choose an Australian Sportsbook?
You can find some excellent markets and the best sports to bet on in Australia. They offer competitive odds and specialise in Australian sports.
Is Live Betting available in Australia?
It is possible to place bets live in Australia; however, you might struggle to find an in-play betting market due to the restrictions. What you can do, is bet over the phone live!
What are the best sports to bet on?
When finding the best sports betting markets, it is best to choose a market that is entertaining for you. Something you are familiar with is a great place to start.


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